what happens when “men” jerk off

Basically this is what happens when men jerk off (the full clip is here: IWC | C4S | NF ) http://www.mindymadison.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/whenmenjerkoff.mp4 This is what happens when “men” jerk off. So glad Im a Female and not controlled by my pathetic cock and having to pay hot Princesses for their attention…

Dirty office slave submits a blog post for My blog

I have a slave who likes to basically be My personal assistant and work on my projects, do menial tasks I dont want to do, pay for coffee, etc He sent about $150 and got to work… anyway he must be so excited because he went to celenrate by sniffing

My new Mind Fuck Dungeon is now on OnlyFans

Before I start, if you want to make money with your own feed like twitter as I do click here and join up!!  https://onlyfans.com/princessmindy?ref=2170 I have turned my OnlyFans into a Mind Fuck, Blackmagic, Hypnosis & Mental Domination dungeon, which means that for only $100 a month you can have

Vegan lunch with My sister – pay Me back! (pics)

below are photos of my AMAZING vegan lunch I had yesterday with My sister… Obviously I want you to pay me back because thats your job. I play, you pay! $$$ pay Me back $60 on My tribute page… tribute with any method http://www.mindymadison.com/tribute-princess-goddess Both My sister and I are vegan

OnlyFans, IWC, Members Area & other places to spend????

*updated* Hi slaves!!! As I was updating my members area, clip stores and my onlyfans feed, it had dawned on me you pathetic little minions and your slow working brains may get confused with all the sites and places there are to join and buy things at now. So this

3 amazing new clips On NiteFlirt

Extreme Blackmail Duo This is your HOTTEST BLACKMAIL FANTASY turned into your worst dream, turned into your fears becoming your REALITY, turned into youre hardest biggest throbbing cock stroke off, turned into HELL ON EARTH!!! –EXTREME REAL BLACKMAIL OPPORTUNITY– we tell you all the info we want you to send

Russel J Briggs – Exposing him for cancelling amazon gifts

Hi slaves! This blog post has been on my mind for about two weeks but I’ve been busy and just had time now to make it. Around two weeks ago this loser from the past name Russell Briggs had contacted me after not hearing from him for at least four

Jim Beams strikes again : A losers email titled “My Aweful Hangover”

Remember danny and his last blog post http://www.mindymadison.com/dannys-drunken-ordeal-his-wife-would-be-sooo-mad Hes been trying to get a hold of me for a few days and he finally had some success. As usual we had fun with his bottle of Jim Beams and the next day he sent me this mail over niteflirt “Princess Mindy,

slave soap for sale

hello, slaves So my slave soap is finally up and ready for purchase. There are currently 2 bars made but I can easily make new bars and ANYTHING you can think of to them. ((Ladies reading this, please dont copy me, find your own new thing to do)) Loser Soap

stupid question: do you blackmail all your slaves?

hello slaves… so a question Ive got twice this past week is “do I blackmail all my slaves” and seriously, that is the most annoying and stupid question. Its probably the thing I dislike to hear most next to “you scare me” This question reminds me of this guy I almost