Free Hot Dog Cock Assignment

hey losers… I sent out a cheap little no effort $5 assignment on my NF list a few days ago and it was a hit, as always haha Before I give the assignment away, I want to explain the difference between my quick no effort $5 assignments and my regular

Femdom Soap : Wash your body with my spit

I went into My Sisters bathroom and I seen this crazy looking bar of soap in her shower and I thought it was dead maggots through out the  soap… So I took a picture and texted it to her saying “omg theres dead maggots in your soap” she was laughing

HER ex boyfriend was at the gala!

hey bitches, this is a juicy hot and kinda mean story about this guy I know who I ran into at one of the recent galas Ive been to *you want to read this if you love mean girls* This is a long blog post with photos and I was

Me vs his wife whom he loves…sorry not sorry wifey haha

Hey, slaves Here’s another amazing piece of writing which comes from a married slave. He has been doing random home wrecking evil and fun things for me… You know, to entertain me and prove that he wants to be my little minion boy and worship me. Stuff like taking his wedding

A slaves amazing taste in art

He sent me $200 and several amazing photos which were of my sexy pictures hanging in his house. What amazing taste this slave has! You can see how my photos transform his house… obviously the photos of Mine are the best art this simple little man-minion has. Actually, My pics

Tekilakid sends in a loser novel

Mark aka tekilakid decided to write about how Ive ruined his life & submit his book to me after reading another slave wrote a blog post for me. He loves his ruined life of course but I guess I get all the credit for the loser hes turned into Here is his

Danny’s drunken ordeal : his wife would be sooo mad!

An entertaining slave recently had called me back the day after I helped him have a little bender. As he was describing his hangover, not even knowing what he spent until he logged in and looked at his transactions and then calling Me the second his wife finally left the house had

Buy My SnapChat ID

hey slaves, Im on snapchat now. Buy my ID right now! *good boy* $25 on IWC

Matt’s break up letter

*updates at the bottom* hi, slaves Matt being like many of you desolate men, is bored and has way more fun admiring me than having anything to do with his own wife/gf. After he watched this homewrecking clip he emailed me this break up letter that he wrote for his wife.

Lucky Hockey Socks Ebanned Auction

hey sock/foot fetish freaks! – Heres another amazing sock auction youre going to want to win… My Lucky Hockey Socks!!!! Ebanned Auction ~~~ I also made a clip for these socks – check it out, click here! The stadium was really cold one game so I went and bought a 3

bryce teungel : loser info smearing

It seems as though every now and then I have to make a little reminder that you losers shouldn’t really behave in ways which are degrading to women – you are responsible for the things you do and we are not here to give you cheap thrills. You should treat

Poppers, booze, JOI Stroke Game

Starting out with intense sniffing, wanking & boozing it up and only getting more intoxicating, crazy and exciting as it goes on… The climax and buzzed out mind fuck intoxication details will have you stroking like crazy, sniffing poppers more than you ever have before and drinking in binge mode