NiteFlirt content updates : 4 new amazing ways for slaves to be useful

Hey slaves. I have 4 AMAZING new opportunities for you wussies. 1)Homewrecked by big cock 4 day training PDF. 2)Yellow Latex Clip. 3)Gym Butt & Runners Legs Clip. 4)FINANCIAL TRAINING! …see all below. ~~~ Homewrecked By BIG Cocks Training This is a three page PDF file which gives you 4

Femdom Girly Rap music… huh?!

whats up bitches? So heres a little post to clarify and further explain this little Girly Femdom rap project I have going on… Firstly it is on brand with what Im already doing now which is why I am sharing it with you all and adding it to My eMpire

loser photos : Cleaning My PC & WOW look what I found!

whats up freaks?! My PC is slow and is becoming a pain in the ass to edit clips and usually I just buy a new PC rather trying to reformat My PC but something got in Me this morning and I decided to clean My PC & get it ready

Femdom Girly Rap: Track 3. “Its Too Easy”

Track #3. having soo much fun making music, who knew it was so addictive??! Getting so much good help I can tell a huge change just from track one… Its So Easy: This track is about how easy it is for Women to use men and how easy it is

Femdom Music : Im spending all your cash

I thought it would be fun to make femdom music and it WAS fun… very fun!!! It was way harder than I thought but Im pretty happy with my first track so far. Here is the teaser… (feel free to leave constructive feedback as I plan to make about 6

what happens when “men” jerk off

Basically this is what happens when men jerk off (the full clip is here: IWC | C4S | NF ) This is what happens when “men” jerk off. So glad Im a Female and not controlled by my pathetic cock and having to pay hot Princesses for their attention…

Dirty office slave submits a blog post for My blog

I have a slave who likes to basically be My personal assistant and work on my projects, do menial tasks I dont want to do, pay for coffee, etc He sent about $150 and got to work… anyway he must be so excited because he went to celenrate by sniffing

My new Mind Fuck Dungeon is now on OnlyFans

Before I start, if you want to make money with your own feed like twitter as I do click here and join up!! I have turned my OnlyFans into a Mind Fuck, Blackmagic, Hypnosis & Mental Domination dungeon, which means that for only $100 a month you can have

Vegan lunch with My sister – pay Me back! (pics)

below are photos of my AMAZING vegan lunch I had yesterday with My sister… Obviously I want you to pay me back because thats your job. I play, you pay! $$$ pay Me back $60 on My tribute page… tribute with any method Both My sister and I are vegan