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I have imported this blog post from another blog I don’t want to maintain anymore, but I also don’t want to delete all the posts because I think they are fun. This is one of 2 or 3 Im going to add here. The others are all vegan food related so I don’t think my readers will want to read that stuff so I just want to add the fun ones…


As usual I started this day out as I do most others with lemon water.  Usually I do hot lemon water but seeing as this is a huge glass jar it must just be the spring water I drink every day. 

One of the reasons I love drinking lemon water and other tea leaves/not black tea is because of how amazing it makes my skin look.

I’ve done tons of expensive laser treatments and none of the best results I’ve ever got from those treatments can compare with the results I get from drinking a lot of water/lemon water and being vegan. ( IPLs, titan, thermage, etc)

OK obviously Botox doesn’t count ha ha being vegan and drinking lemon water is not going to give you the results that Botox can.

Around lunchtime I went and had micro blading on my eyebrows done. Then I went and had my eyelashes done with eyelash extensions right after.

Can’t say enough good stuff about it. Life has changed! Waking up with your brows and lashes on point is amazing.

The picture above is basically how I wake up now. Perfect skin, not needing any make up, actually in the photo I’m not wearing any makeup at all!!

Having your eyebrows and eyelashes done is a game changer… I highly recommend it to any ladies out there!!!

1. Getting ready in the morning and the time it takes is cut by 75% just because of the eyebrows and eyelashes. You almost don’t even need to bother with make up because the brows and lashes make such a difference

2. You look so much better with so much less effort ha ha I don’t know what it is about eyelashes and eyebrows but when the two of those are done, it makes you look even sexier #IWokeUpLikeThis

The Porsche Party… 

This party was so much fun for a free thing?!? Half of the $200 galas I go to don’t even provide this much

The party was invite only and cost $0 to attend for the invites and their +1s. I received my invite and brought my girlfriend Tara as my +1.

The quality of the food was amazing and that’s saying a lot considering when it comes to food I’m really not that easy to please. (there was both vegan and non-vegan options) The photo above was a fraction of what was laid out for us.

They had a live jazz band which was phenomenal and flowing Prosecco & wine.

There were two levels and many rooms of beautiful cars and in each room there were bars with more Prosecco.

ohhh funny REAL story. An older guys was hitting on me while “educating” Me on Porsches and saying things like “oh you’re not old enough to have had a Lexus before your Porsche?! haha which I did… he went on to tell Me how I do need a new Porsche and I would look so good in this blue boxster… Im no newbi when I get those findom use him vibes… I couldn’t close the deal on the spot buttt he did give me his biz card and I guess that would be pretty crazy to meet someone and 1 hour later they buy you a Porsche… I shoot high 😉

I love my Porsche and being a Porsche owner is fun but I never expected to get invites like this out of it. I’m actually very grateful because it was such a fun event and I go to galas probably three or four times a year and though they are usually at night time, none of them have gone out of their way like this to please their guests and that’s even with paying.

Mind you I’ve been to some wonderful galas but they are usually at private social clubs or political events… Otherwise I don’t feel you typically get what you pay for although they’re generally charity events so it’s just a fun place to party as an adult and dress nice.

I really considered buying the blue boxster but I live in a city it would be parked 8 months of the year so forget it.. not with My money haha. Funny though a group of young Asian guys came up to me while I was looking at it and said “its the bottom of the barrel, you can do way better” hahaha so funny but like, okay buy Me on pls thx 🙂

The day prior to the porch party, eyelash extensions and eyebrow micro blading, I had my nails done and I’m totally obsessed with how my manicure turned out this time!

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