It’s too late for you because all I have to do is snap My pretty powerful fingers one time and you crumble… just… like… that *snap*

I snap My fingers, make you fall, pull you down even further. you love it and cannot resist My special power which brainwashes and manipulates all your weak points. Just when Im done fucking with your mind I then leave triggers and commands for you so that not only do I screw with your fragile pea brain but also reprogram you for My further exploitation.

This is a professionally produced mind fuck mp3 with thought and HQ easy to slip away with effects. Brainwaves are used twice to pry your subliminal mind way open

8 minutes / $17.99 / 


This is the mp3 version and is 4 minutes of the most fun and creative hardcore binge using multi substances like poppers, booze, etc.

You get sooo messy… soooo buzzed… sooo mind fucked. I keep on making you sniff, drink, smoke, sniff, etc… over and over… I dont even know how many commands are in this but there is A LOT.

Good go ahead and listen to this, let Me fuck you up and then fuck you over. Watch how addicted you get to My unique and very powerful ways… You want catch a quick buzz? This will do it… enjoy the audio I created it myself to give your poppers, booze, etc a helping hand. Mind fuck lightly laced through out which fucks your brain while getting you trashed.

*This is a professionally produced quality mp3 with thought, mixing and many creative elements.*

*The mp3 only gives you a different experience than watching with the visuals in my clip. I recommend you buy and experience both*

4 minutes / 14.99 /