Hi slaves,

I currently have about four projects that are on the go and they are all current and looking for your wallet to pay to build my growing empire… Read this entire page and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how cerebral I am.


To start I will tell you I have had many many successful projects in the past and I am a natural born Business Goddess… In fact there are about 6ish others around doing projects, Not successful of course, but they did attempt to… Duplicate right down to the domain name of my past projects. I’m so used to people doing my last idea it’s not even funny. The thing is they never usually do anything after that and I keep on doing different things. That’s not to insult anyone although copies and rips off my business plans aren’t exactly honourable people… But I just that to say, when you CONTRIBUTE to My projects, and you’re going to… it is going to a very competent mind. And above all of that, it’s your job to get on your knees and pay for my empire… Without offering yourself up to me you have no reason for existence. Open that wallet and make me richer!

Read on…

Current projects: (in no particular order– each one is current and of interest to me)

Femdom music: I am creating it very entertaining and very girly female domination rap music. It’s like feminist/Golddigger/female domination girly rap music…

I currently have three tracks completed and am shooting for six all iTunes quality so I can sell an album on iTunes. Originally I started with one song that I was going to sell to slaves and something fun and different to do… unbeknownst to me I was going to be good at it & discover I had a hidden talent I didn’t know about AND have so much fun creating music. Yup, everyone laughs when they first hear My music and the next thing people say is, “okay that’s kind of good.”

I have been purchasing things like the condenser mic, soundproof equipment, Photo shoots, Renting Booth time, etc. I also want to do a music video for at least three of the songs. $$$

This is all under development but definitely well on the way www.FemdomGirlyRap.com


** thanks but, I do not need a ghostwriter**

NiteFlirt project: due to the nonstop and continuous rip off of my ideas and Business models, I will not share the domain name publicly like this however contributions with your wallet to this project will give you special access as well obviously the link and plenty of details so you can enjoy watching me RE-grow/Rebuild My empire **this project is about 80% done and ready for you to join after a minimum of a $25 contribution**

What is really important is that you pay for the marketing, script updates, customization and other features which enable Women to make money easily off my website. $$ you’re just a slave so don’t bother worrying about my intricate details, the only thing you’re needed for with this project is your wallet. I’m far smarter than you so chances are the only way you can contribute is by paying for my listed things

Upcoming Adult Site: the script for this has not been purchased or customized yet. I have already began the plans for another adult site that I plan to blow out of the water. I have had many successful adult site in the past which I will talk more about below.

Again only your wallet is required at this moment and as it develops I will need definitely sweat equity from slaves also…. Again in due to continuous rip offs which do not stop happening with my business plans and business models and currently the way the business is it seems to be perfectly acceptable to rip off others. I will not share the link of this project until is 100% done and nearly impossible to rip off.

Again I know what I’m doing and this has the potential offer every slave… No any male with a functioning penis, a lot of fun. Obviously a lot of fun and money for Women also. This project I anticipate being lots of fun also.

Slaves that contribute financially will have access to my every step of the way so they can enjoy my progress and watch me rebuild my empire. details on my page here are kept limited because said reasons.

REBUILDING My Empire and Past Accomplishments:

Without getting into too many depressing details I had a serious health diagnosis about five or six years ago which I have fully recovered from and can happily report I am far healthier than before the diagnosis. Regardless of my tenacity and fighter Spirit I lost about 75% of my projects and successful websites through my health issue. By the time I had fully bounced back and was ready to grab the world by the balls again, everything has changed online. Everything from the way Google works, scripts becoming outdated, the boom of social media and how it effected the way many did business and the business became saturated with and Infinite more amount of girls and virtually nothing was the same.

This all is really nothing for me it’s not a big deal to rebuild many websites that are successful and I think I probably had at least seven highly successful websites… I’ll get into more that below as it’s quite impressive for a single person to accomplish on her own.

Though I try best not to insult women who find it acceptable to rip off my business plans and have no shame doing so, I really don’t want to insult others but with that being said you will find it interesting if you appreciate a brainy woman, that is interesting these women who have copied me have never done any other projects outside of the ones they copied from me. And their only projects are ones they saw Me do and have replicated AFTER using My websites/being an admin on one of My sites (YES this blatant rip off has happened A LOT and is STILL happenng)… While I continuously make efforts to introduce new things and I’m constantly coming out with new creative ideas.

Taking on all of these projects is barely work to me I consider it fun and I can get a lot accomplished in very short time as I’m highly experienced, I know what the fuck I’m doing, I’ve done this all before and quite frankly it’s easy for Me as I clearly have a mind that thrives in these realms.

I can edit PHP, I can edit my CSS files, I can install all of my own scripts, I can work in databases, MySQL etc…

My marketing skills are next level and nothing short of impressive and here are where my past online accomplishments come in.

Past Accomplishments:

  • My old female domination directory which had a huge huge amount of organic traffic from Google for not one, not two, not three, not four but at least 10 of the highly most used Femdom keywords and key phrases which I alone ranked myself in not just the first page of Google but often times the first or second or third spot for these terms!!
  • My old strap on/Feminization blog which I alone marketed and networked and attained a PR rank of 9 which is fucking amazing for an adult site to rank that! Click the pic to enlarge for PR9 proof. (my sites are prettier now because I just outsource that work) pr9
  • The number one and number two most used, most visited most amount of traffic and number one and number two spots on the first page of Google, Small penis humiliation websites. ((this has literally been duplicated and is being copied right now by someone who I used to let have admin privileges on one of my websites. I do like this girl but I do not appreciate her at least not even asking me if it’s okay for her to rip off my business plan right down to the exact longish domain name, changing just one word.)

In fact one of these small penis humiliation website was so fucking successful of that a popular SPH paysite was interested in purchasing one of my domain names and I stupidly, too green at the time allowed them access to look through my google analytics and is This interested purchaser was so shocked at the amount of organic Google traffic I was cultivating they had even asked me how I did it? Obviously I didn’t tell them shit.

  • A huge amount of success pimping out one of the adult online biggest webcam sites – I had such impressive stats in my account manager Diane had even emailed me and asked how I was getting those conversions… I made almost $100,000 off of this project alone and I did about two months of work on it and didn’t touch it again for years. It just kept on making me money. Yeah I’m that fucking good when I’m on my game! (as much as I adore my account manager as she gave me exclusive affiliate deals because of my awesome conversions… I of course did not share my secret marketing sauce with her either)
  • How about a nonadult project? Fresh out of high school I was used for cheap work from the family computer nerd friend. I say this lightheartedly as he is the one who introduced me to the world of marketing when I was very young… Together we built Canada’s second-biggest career site online. There I was barely out of high school building a career site which started making $.20 a month and in a few short years would make $50,000 dollars a month.

I then took everything I learned and made my own site of my own interest which was on natural medicine. I made one of the first successful Canadian on line natural medicine directories which you could search by ailment or herb and find my affiliate links to health products. This work awarded me exclusive networking deals with web MD which I had to sign contracts for. I sold this project also. Pretty impressive for a young girl in her bedroom at her parents house.

  • The first and only forced intoxication website/paysite online. Yes thanks to me you all enjoy the intoxication fetish. It didn’t take long before adult merchants disallowed forced intox and understandably why but yes I did bring that to the Internet as a stand alone fetish itself. **can I prove this? Fuck yes, my first blog which is still online dating back to 2005 where I was barely legal and evil AF bahaha**

…. Quite frankly I could make about five more bullet points with an impressive adult projects that have earned women’s money, become their number one source of online traffic and enabled a lot of fun for males/slaves to have.

These projects would include multiple successful highly used generating lots of traffic and money niteflirt affiliated websites.

For a brief time of about one year a successful web cam site in which women made a living off of an that was closed due to a nasty Russian scam that was done on my website which scared the shit out of me and I closed it down.

… want a little more of my impressive mind? Did you know going back around 2005 or 2006 the less than 50 of us in the world of online female domination, Many of these ladies were giving away slave assignments. Actually let me correct that there were only a handful of ladies doing slave assignments but they were giving them away as a way to keep the slaves interested. I couldn’t believe they were giving away such Great content.

I started making the slave assignments huge fun things for slaves to do and packaging them as something to be sold. Needless to say nobody gives away slave assignments now and lots of people profit off of this model of using them now.

… How about home wrecking fetish? I brought back to the Internet also. No I did not create homewrecking and yes there were a handful of ladies talking about ruining men but nobody was doing home wrecking as a standalone fetish itself. In fact there were a good number of years it was “My” thing and OTHER Dommes would reprimand or call out and outed others who did it for copying me. Once upon a time people had their own personalities/fetish areas  and didn’t just do what everyone else was doing. I get it the business is saturated now but homeworking is something I also packaged and brought to the Internet. Of course this is easy to prove his well considering I have blog posts going back to 2006.

As You Can See: I have the ability to create a lot of successful things and when I’m on my game I’m unstoppable.We already know who the real boss is around here and you’re my worker bees. I’m the Queen Bee now deliver Me My honey/money and build my fucking empire!

Ladies: please don’t be offended by it my brutal honesty of how I have been fucked over, copied and used by other ladies. It is very hard to stay polite when it continuously happens. However that being said I will be looking four new Admins For my projects and if you are new or have an existing reputation and want to substantially increase your traffic comment Reach out and perhaps we can network together and or you can become an admin on one of my sites.

… Ladies the fact is all of my success has happened because of my networking skills and I definitely acknowledge its a TEAM EFFORT and any of the ladies who have ever worked with me or on my sites in the past has been treated with the utmost value and respect. In fact I often give those who work on my sites/projects are given far more than they ever expected as in the ability to launch their own ideas and the benefit greatly from my traffic. At the top of My list is to keep My Admins/those giving efforts to my sites HAPPY!!!

I do this to keep anyone who works with me happy as I see the value that you guys bring to my projects.

Facts: many many of the ladies who have worked on my sites, benefited from my traffic or done admin work for me has given me two weeks notice when they had to stop after working on my sites for years. I never asked anyone for even one day notice to stop. In fact I never expect anything like that as I don’t want to put pressure on others as this is the adult business and we are not here to do anything other than have fun and make easy money… I never wanted to put the burdens and rules of the real world on any of these ladies of the fact that they treated me so well after I treated them so well, it really speaks volumes.

((obviously this excludes those who have gone and fucked Me in My a$$ by ripping off my business ideas which by the way none of those ladies have ever been even slightly successful with their rip off endeavors – I take extreme offense to this as I spend a lot of sweat equity, time, money and brainpower completing these projects. I would be lying to say that every now and then even though I find this worked easy for me to do that sometimes each project did not cost me many hours staying up late and dealing with script writers, programmers tech support etc. To just have someone come by after I’m done all that work and rip off everything is infuriating))

This is one of my favorite parts of that women have been so happy working on my platforms because they do things like give me notice, send me letters of props and even boast of my accomplishments on plenty of platforms when I never asked for any of it.

I am proud that I’ve made women that happy and have offered them something so useful. If you would like to join the team reach out!

slaves : Pay and build My empire on YOUR back$ 😉