Why I have to cancel My photo giveaway content…

I have 2 little procedures I am having done at the end of March which means at the time Im supposed to draw the winners names, film this draw and then mail out the winners photos Im going to be recovering from cosmetic surgery… Yes I am having more plastic surgery, just small things but I know that I should focus on resting not trying to sign photos and mail them all out.

I went shopping on the way home from surgery last time and then went out the next day shopping too and ended up getting a bad cold… not doing that again this time. Im going to stay in bed and rest.

Sorry but to make up for it, the few of you who have entered the content can be sent photos as it will be months before the next drawing…

PLUS I am doing ANOTHER photo shoot in a couple of weeks which Ill probably get more merch made with these new photos.

***Feel free to let Me know what kind of look you guys would like to see Me in for My next photo shoot — classy, Goddess outfits, bratty, Glam Goddess, etc


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*Page updated with free video about give away*  Hey slaves… Imagine having a professionally printed a photo of mine hanging in your house. Maybe your bedroom, living room or maybe in the dining room for the whole family to the adore?

I have 4 of the goddess photos of me in the black sheer outfit and 6 of the brat photos. Also one mouse pad.

To enter you must buy 5 clips at once and show me proof of purchase and that will enter you one vote into the draw.

contact me with proof of purchase and give me your account name on IWC, NF, ETC *so I can contact you if you win* and also your email address so I can email you just incase.

There will be 10 winners in total and you must specify which you want to win. Goddess pic, Brat pic or mouse pad.

PLUS on the back I will write something rude or just sign it… just request when sending your proof info to Me at Mindymadison at hot-mail-dot-com

. These are 8×10? I think and professionally printed to do something fun like this with.

get spending

IWC: https://iwantclips.com/store/1659/PrincessMindy


NF: www.MistressMindy.net

giveaway starts Feb 3 2018 and ends Match 31, 2018


((dont ask how many have entered the giveaway for the pics, thats cheating!))

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