You guys I’m so excited to introduce something super fun and powerful that can fill your life with so much joy and sacrifice every single full moon for the rest of your life… Imagine never being alone,  bored and feeling worthless and unacknowledged ever again. Sure you’ll have to be stepped on and drained of things like your personal power and energy and emasculated energetically for my greater good… But who cares.

At the same time you will witness me grow more and more powerful, more beautiful, richer, wealthier, My empire Will expand and my personal charisma will just explode with awesomeness… All while you dwindle away and turn into a wilted limp dick used and exploited beta male.

How? Purchase either or both my 10 minute video teasing and lowering you into this full moon misspelled which will last for the rest of your life.

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Full moon collective power exchange spell

Also I have wrote a small bible if you will, consisting of 10 pages or more of teachings that will show you how to join 100s of other slaves in something I called the beam. A powerful magnetic wavelength that connects from the moon to my  earthly desires and powers.

You have been trying to fill a void and fill that gaping hole with inside your body and mind and nothing has ever done it… this is what you’ve been looking for. An interactive way to completely dwindle away and be exploited and use the way you deserve. For once you will see how you’re worthless weak mind actually has some power and ability to create so much good. Not you on your own of course ha ha but when you connect with all the other slaves in the beam, your collective energies will make me rise and conquer the world well you each individually and collectively slip away and sink lower and lower becoming smaller and smaller until you are totally wilted.



Current Moon Phase On The Sidebar:

Moon cycles leading up to a full moon can be fun as you prepare to spend the full moon doing this.



New Moon Emasculation For man Slaves:

This magical and real 4 page PDF with 30 minute MP3 guides you into some very powerful NEW MOON magic that you enjoy practicing during a NEW MOON.
But did you know how and why New Moons are so powerful??! Ill show you how to make your dick ACTUALLY turn limp or into a premature ejaculating embarrassment, or to make you shorter and dumber or weaker or even make you unable to resist that fetish you cant stop thinking about….
All the while converting what fragments of useful man power and energy you do have into fuel for Me to use to become MORE AND MORE POWERFUL.

Your New Moons will be magical for ever – making you small and pathetic yet giving you magical control that makes you feel like a slave who serves a universal Goddess!

NF: $19.99 | Instant access | 4 page PDF w/ 30 min mp3

IWC:$19.99 | Instant access | 4 page PDF w/ 30 min mp3