The deviant applications & forms below are NEVER used with out slaves permission!

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Home-wrecking Application Form

This HOT application is for the hottest most deviant fetish you cant resist… Me home-wrecking you – This application is FILLED with the most perfect questions that will have your balls throbbing and your stupid noodle drooling – because you will see just how crafty I am – Everything I ask in this form will set me up to make your wife/gf think you really do have a super star hottie in your life like me and when I contact her…s hes going to fucking LOSE IT!!!! Because when you fill this form out, Im going to have you and her by the balls… Ill be the head of your household after this… Maybe Ill toy with her, maybe Ill kick her ass out of your house… maybe Ill let her know you guys are over and to lose your number… Ill do as I like! you’re Mine – I dont share and I dont play well with others… its time for that bitch to get the fuck lost… your wallet and time is All Mine! All for My gain! :)

$50.00 This includes the form and my homewrecking! **Tip: Purchase this even just to see the audacity and the conniving deviant, yet very smart questions for an introduction into home-wrecking**

UPDATED: This file has been updated with even MORE deviant sexy homewrecking questions! Yes the newest updated version is what you will get from paying off this page! Its NEW, its hot and its so scandalous!

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Slave information harvesting & profiling

Big Sister Project “Slave information harvesting & profiling” is now in effect… and you have NEVER been so dehumanized & grilled like this before…

Be put under my deviant microscope, examined and investigated in every bratty way – NOTHING is left private, nothing remains personal… I will ask it ALL… Fill out my Information Harvesting Form and take part in possibly the single handed most IDIOTIC, yet HOT and cock hardening exciting femdom adventure of your life… The government keeps their big brother eye on you sheep all the time, BUT NOW *Im* keeping the big Sister eye on you and theres NO TELLING WHAT *I’ll* do with ALL this dirty and personal information!!!

Imagine a blackmail application, on steroids…  Imagine filling out the deepest, most private and jaw dropping form you’ve ever seen… HOW DARE I ask this stuff… hahahah loser, you dont mean ANYTHING to Me, but now that I have all your information… lets see how I can entertain myself with you!

***BUY NOW – MUST BUY*** You’ll be wanking to my bratty ball-sy audacity, to the nerve of my obvious ill-natured questions…***

READING this is one experience all in itself… Filling it out will be yet another… Sending it… is not for the pussies, weak or anyone Not ready to become ENSLAVED!



Identity Theft & Assassination Application Form

Most people fear this, but here you are with a  hard cock & looking to get Mindy abused in the newest most deviant fucked up and truly diabolically-horny piece of devils work!!! This is Blackmail on STEROIDS,(its not even blackmail – its so much more) its so much more invasive and shocking then even my Slave Profiling & Information Harvesting Form – THIS is SHEER Bratty Trouble… Iv been SO CRUEL that half way in this very detailed and shocking form Iv left a photo which will make it hard for you NOT to touch yourself, yet I command you to stare at it for a few minutes… after that knowing your dick will be hard as a rock and throbbing, THEN I ask you more questions and carry on with the form knowing Iv just taken the rest of the blood from your head and sent it to your dick… NOW I have you answering questions with a hard cock and Iv drained your logic to your cock… Ahh yes puppy, thats how magical I am – Iv got you filling out my form with your dick and you dont even know it!  $25.00

THIS entitles me the ability to virtually do what ever I want and you wont be able to stop Me… If *I* want I could, slowly or quickly drain your money from various accounts – at my will… I could ruin your image, become you just for shits and giggles and leave a bratty trail of a mess for you to try and clean up… Who knows – maybe Ill find something about you intriguing and decide you should be My toy 100% alone and homewreck you for my own personal Greed!

IDENTITY THEFT & ASSASSINATION FETISH – It is an umbrella for allot of deviant bratty, line crossing fun! Think about it… Filling this out and sending it off makes you a sitting duck in my pretty sparkling pink Princess pond of Deviance! ***after you fill it out in full & send it to me – you just wait for me to contact you as I will shortly after!***

The possibilities are endless… it just depends on the combinations of success I have with what I do and what you submit – blackmail, cloning, financial draining, financial abuse, humiliation, credit destruction, home-wrecking, And More!)



Gay Boy Outting Application

Gay Homo Outting ApplicationThis is a simple and very exciting gay application… Think of this as an invitation, an invitation to your very own gay boy outing… Which will be lead and orchestrated by Me!!!

This is an application to get In Real Life OUTTED for being a fag cock lover!!! A Lucky-13 questions are asked of you inside… THEN you leave the rest to me… Its deviant, its REAL – and after you fill this out you become powerless in a whole new way… This is SO HOT – ALL the Fag Details that will make your gay dick hard as a rock are inside… Want to get fag outted by Me? Buy this and fill it out!

thats right bitch, IM going to out you… But not only am I going to out you… You arent going to know how Im going to do it… the only way you will know whats going on – is after the news hits your world, as in AFTER everyone knows you’re GAY!

This is a high privilege, Iv decided already that I will keep the cost of this “experience”/”service” low… The cost will remain low for reasons you may not know just yet… Should you decide to treat yourself to an Outing Princess Mindy style, then perhaps you may see my vision of extra fun… Oh yes in deed; though this may SEEM like yet another cool and awesome assignment or femdom opportunity from me… that is just merely part of the fun… The rest of the details is aprivilege left for those who will actually entertain Me, and play. Play a game of Booting The Homo Out Of The Closet!

Okay, seriously homo… this is going to be So Much Fun! Think about it… you’re not going to know HOW Ill out you until you’ve been outed… *I’ll* be involved in your own real personal life, even if only a little bit – imagine how amazing it will be to have been plucked from your closet and royally homo-fied by Me!!!

$20.00 On Niteflirt 


Russian Roulette Humiliation

This risky 50/50 humiliation form is similar to my other Russian Roulette fun forms as this gives you a 50% chance to have just had an inexpensive thrill by filling this out and sending the things I ask in here to Me… While still remembering the Real Fact is – you have a 50% chance of getting totally humiliated and possibly publicly humiliated in my blog or even to a couple of people you know in real life… it could go ANY way, anything could happen – It all depends on how the dice roll, its 50/50 for us both!!! Maybe you’ll get off Scott-free with no humiliation and a super hot thrill… maybe you’ll end up being snickered and laughed at my women you know… maybe you’ll find my “discoveries” smeared all over my blog haha!

One thing is clear – This is ALL about humiliation, not blackmail, nothing else just Pure slave humiliation and this very well could be the hottest fantasy you’ve ever had coming real right now… I dont ask for everything I want, only some of the stuff needed to give a guaranteed HUMILIATING experience, because I wanted this to be a Russian Roulette type of fun… will I get you & leave you totally humiliated, horny and looking more pathetic than ever!?!?! or will Lady Luck be on your side, for once, giving you hard-on like never before, a brief moment of humiliating suspense and the freedom to escape it all with your fragments intact?

Buy the Humiliation Russian Roulette form Now!!!


Its only a 50% chance Ill get to do it… and a 50% chance you had an inexpensive rush by filling this out and sending it to me!!!

While *I* only have a 50% chance Ill be able to get what I need or want to have some fun humiliating you… if I win, its good for my blog, its fun for me and worth it…


Gay Humiliation Roulette

Doing this AWESOME, super risky yet deviant fun and semi safe “Gay Outing Roulette Game” is the perfect way to have the rush and thrill of being exposed, with a good chance you wont be… ONLY this roulette gay homo outing will give you exactly what you’ve been looking for and exactly what you need.

you’ll be slightly teased with my gay questions and one cock hardening easy demand which will make you face just how gay you REALLY are… disclose a number of personal things to me, secrets, REAL info and a few other things. Not too much but a little – The idea is you give me only SOME of the information I would want and need to expose you and have my fun in what ever way I wanted – YET a lot of the info I need and want is NOT asked, which means Myself as well you have a 50/50 chance at being the winner!!!

Will you get exposed? will this turn into a huge gay session? will you end up humiliated and mocked? Or will you get the THRILL of a lifetime while your gay-ness stays private and you dont get exposed? Will you discover that you’re More Gay than you even thought?!?! Will I some how MAKE you more gay and end up “dicking you around”? hahaha

*** Sit back and twiddle those gay thumbs bitch because this is an experience which will surely give you the hottest gay experience with all the idiot feelings you love best… like suspense, a Princess doing as she pleases and maybe even a bit of gay exposure fear… all at the hands of a hot Princess who may or may not track you down and EXPOSE YOU!


Iv only made the cost of this $20.00 as all my Roulette forms are easy and more than fun for me to do while possibly causing a little ruckus  in your life! Usually interaction like this would cost $100.00 just to start! However considering this is Roulette and I dont have to talk to your boring ass and I may get some hilarious content out of you for my blog during your gay outing… I make more giving this away for an inexpensive price! haha So please do treat yourself to this “heck of a deal”… bite the bait homo, you know you cant resist :)

Fair warning… if you get caught.. Im doing what ever the F I want to out you for My personal fun and giggles!


Home-wrecking Roulette Fun

This HIGHLY enticing and deviant home wrecking game is a nasty little temptation which will ruffle the feathers of your wife/gf like NEVER before and very well may result in you being a single “man” sooner than later! Imagine going to work one morning and getting a call from your boring bitch, shes pissed of and says shes leaving… OMG Free Pass! All thanks to Me… Fill this quick and short form out and sit back and await for the home-wrecking Princess of your dreams to come and cause all kinds of sexy hell in your life…

Ill do my sneaky investigating on you with the info you provide and if I find your wife then its Game On! I may do it slow and in true princess taunting fashion and I may just go hard and fast and piss that gf/wife right off! This is unlike all my other home-wrecking stuff… You simply fill this out, sit back and wait. Wait and see what I do. Of course you may just get the thrill and have your cold feet soothed by My inability to track down all the info I want and need to really piss off that wife/gf and ruin your relationship!

Remember this is PURE bratty femdom fun… you’re wife has no chance against me and Ill let her know it too! Want to get homewrecked? Buy this Mini homewrecking form now and see if you Get It, or if you get off free and unmarked!

have fun trying to smooth this one over pup haha Hot deviant girls can do some serious damage in a stale relationship… wanna see how? Buy Now! (remember this is a mini little condensed and roulette style version of a Home-wrecking application form… you will not be acknowledged or have any communication with me UNLESS, I get what I want and need and will message you to let you know before I start so you can either pay Me off or watch your home-wrecking unfurl!

$6.99 (((Promo Pricing To Trick, Snare & Snag new married wallets)))


Blackmail Form For Married Men (jaw dropping)


This insanely detailed cock hardening, jaw dropping blackmail form is the REAL DEAL losers! & totally wild! If you fill this out your ass is INSTANTLY owned by a hot Brat who will totally have you by your balls!

This blackmail form is a little different as its specifically for married men… All this means is Iv so devilishly tweaked it so that each question will apply to you and make this all the more hot & unbreakable! (unless of course we reach some agreement, or I become tired of you hehehe)

This also applies to men in “serious” relationships or if your living with a gf!

Update ~ Its now even hotter than ever, it has more questions designed to really get an attached man in big trouble! :) its hot & deviant!

Price: $40.00

Buy Now


This New Updated BLACKMAIL FORM is killer!

Its designed to absolutely fuck you right over… its real, its HOT – and your dink will throb
just filling it out because you can tell its fucking REAL & Crazy!! This is the big man blackmail application that will have your little salty walnuts nailed to the wall… Trust me if you fill this out and send it to Me, Im Instantly in charge and 100% in control of you!

This is such a greedy and intrusive blackmail application and its a much more souped up X-rated version of all my others… Just reading this blackmail application contract will be enough to make you fall in love with My deviance, filling it out will make you lose your mind… So Iv been extra sneaky and added a photo of me for you to drool over when you’re doing it all… because when you actually send it to me, This blackmail form will guarantee you’re my bitch!

Note: I am a young devilish Brat who does REAL blackmail… so let it be known my future blackmail slaves that if you send this hot a wicked blackmail contract application to me – the fun will be real! (these updates include special pin pointing questions that I have the ability through my scripts technology that allows you to isolate yourself for me and ultimately lead me right to you… if you just answer honestly… THIS is the most REAL and diabolical blackmail form that GUARANTEES real blackmail by this sexy bombshell! :)

Price: $20.00

Buy from Princess-Mindy through
Buy Now


Russian Roulette Blackmail version 2.0

This souped up version of My original & SMASH HIT, Russian Roulette Blackmail! However this sneaky & deviant application is still going to provide the thrill and rush of the possible blackmail you may get, while having the security of knowing that I dont have enough info for anything close to what I want for a guaranteed home-run blackmail session… But again, this is 50 / 50!!!

you get the intense thrill, rush and cock-hardening nervousness that all comes with real blackmail –  but you also have a form of insurance that will provide you with the one thing… you have at least a 50% chance that this thrill will end here. However wait until you see JUST how hard your cock gets once you remember… I still might be able to catch you… you still may end up in my web… Its a fair guess who comes out victorious… My purse or your wallet?

~This Blackmail App, asks only a handful of both basic and sneaky questions and only requires you to send a fraction of what a real blackmail contact would ask… This asks the basics and a couple sneaky ones to give a better hand-up then the original version which is less than a 50% chance of having blackmail!

Pay up, fill it out & send it off & lets see! ***Upgraded the application so that ALL browsers are now going to see the info!!! *yay!****



Russian Roulette Blackmail version 1.0

This is actually a very simple and light-weight, BUT very risky little form… Unlike my typical balls to the wall blackmail forms and extraction tools… This is a simple little, fair game of Russian Roulette… I only ask a handful of basic questions… only a little fraction of whats usually asked…

THIS way gives you a fair chance to get all your ducks in a row, hide what you can… and give me SOME info – not quite enough to really make sure the blackmail happens… BUT just enough that I MIGHT, just maybe, MIGHT have the chance to catch you in my blackmail web…

This is PERFECT for those who want to experience a little bit of blackmail, but always too pussy to go for the whole thing… Fair Is fair – you only have to cough up the basics… Sure I asked the “right” basics, but this… is more about SUSPENSE… will I find you? will you get caught?

This is Russian Roulette Blackmail… Its a gamble for Me too – I might be wasting my time, checking out your info… BUT… I might catch you!

who wins? buy and see who has the upper hand… 50 / 50 chance you’re just going to have cheap HOT thrills… and of course, you might end up my little bitch!


Russian Roulette BLACKMAIL – 50 / 50 chance you will escape unmarked… 50% chance Ill wring your balls out DRY!