Poppers are a really easy drug for slaves to do because it requires virtually no commitment as the whole experience lasts less than one minute and if not used excessively there are no aftereffects. Of course I make my slave use it excessively and they love it … Poppers are basically something you sniff, just inhaling a “smell “.

It’s a short living intoxicant that does not show up on drug tests and is legal. It is often sold at bookstores and adult shops but I’m pretty sure you can buy it online also.

Three reasons you need poppers in your life:
1.  You will have more fun.

Face it, you’re boring as fuck and if you’re bored with yourself how do you think a Princess or Goddess would feel? So if you start using poppers you will notice a lot of your inhibitions and good decisions fly the window. Which means we’ll get more money from you. The more we soak from you the more interested we get which means you will have more fun.

2.  It makes hypnosis and mindfuck experiences even more intense. 

intoxicants have been used for thousands of years by many cultures and civilizations. Intoxicants have a magical way of getting you to expand…  some just make things more fun. Poppers will allow the hypnosis and mindfuck, FX, finger snaps, spirals and spoken triggers to impact you in a way that you could never experience completely sober.. Get yourself a brand new strong bottle of poppers and have some fucking fun for once!

3.  It will make your broken dick work like it used to before it was ruined.

I know you’re a jerk off junkie and right now I’m sure your penis does not give you half of the fun that used to as easily. Poppers will help intensify everything and it will be just like it used to be, before it was broken and rubbed raw and half of the feeling was gone . #maleslavelife

There you go, three great reasons you need poppers in your life. For more on how they work and what it’s like check out some of my poppers content. I have poppers training, poppers clips, poppers with mindfuck and more. Or contact Me and session online via Skype, phone, etc.

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