My girlfriend came over for a couple of hours and her, my sister and myself went for a walk. It was a nice walk aside from the fact it was a freezing! I got windburn and froze but that’s not what this post is about… Your tongue is about to be very busy!

If you look at the video you can see there’s snow on my boots. That’s a problem. Every step I take there’s more snow that accumulates on my boots which means you’re gonna be doing a lot of crawling by my feet and a lot of licking.

basically every step I take you scurry behind me and continue to lick. I want these boots spic and span nice and shiny perfectly clean. And I want you to get it done with your mouth. No problem right!?

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but that’s not all ha ha. I prefer for you to be naked by my feet. Don’t worry about the cold and how it’s going to make your balls shrivel up into little raisins. That’s not a problem, I’ll probably enjoy it. I’ll enjoy the few giggles I get from it and everyone who walks by and sees you kneeling in the snow with tiny little balls licking my boots won’t even pay attention. They’ll instantly know that you’re just a little boot licker slave of mine so don’t worry about that either.

your new job in life is licking my boots clean, enjoy!

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