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Mandatory Rules For Submissive men

I came up with a few new rules that you need to obey… We all know you love listening to bossy Women tell you what to do so you’re going to LUVV these rules.

In fact there is 9 minutes worth of rules and Me telling you what you can, and what you can’t do!

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9 minutes of Me telling you things you’re no longer allowed to do, things I will allow you to do and then even more things you’re not allowed to do any more.
you have never been controlled like this before and you won’t believe some of the things I’m not letting you do anymore.. Basically you’ve been turned into My bitch and you cant make any decisions for yourself without My approval so this is a MUST watch – how fun!
Do you like getting bossed around and having bossy dominating Women control you?? you’re going to love this!