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Imagine going out with your buddies one night, you get wasted and have a good time. Maybe you got too drunk. You pass out and the next morning you wake up to a Canadian phone number calling on your cell phone. You answer and its the voice of an overly confidant Female sounding chipper yet there’s an under tone of trouble in the air.

She asks if you know who she is and if you recognize her voice? “no ma’am” is all you muster up, and then you hear, “it’s Princess Mindy, where is My Money, bitch? hahaha”

… Thats how this poor sap was woken up the other day from Me… He has sent in a little read for My blog readers. Enjoy!

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“My name is David, I’m a sissy slut. I’ve been a fan of Mistress Mindy since 2008. I always appreciated how cruel and brutal she was to those who signed up for her blackmail contract. I always told myself I’d never purchase and fill out that contract. I even went so far as to get my phone number and email address flagged from niteflirt so I couldn’t create an account. But through the years my submission and urge for humiliation continued to grow. I tempted fate more and more, I’d send embarrassing pictures of myself all dressed up to people, I even had a girl put me in a leotard and knee high boots and drop me off in the middle of town.

All of this culminated a few nights ago. I was at a party and got very intoxicated, every else had fallen asleep and my humiliation urges crept up again and Mistress Mindy crossed my mind. I needed to figure out a way to get back on niteflirt. So I created a brand new email address and registered a different phone number then my own. So I got a new account and went right to Mistress Mindy’s blackmail contract. I purchased all 3 parts of the contract filling out each part along the way, sent my full name, then the consent email and finally all the information and pictures she wanted. Now she owns me and I couldn’t be happier or more terrified.”

Funny, right?!