Bonding with a Financial dominatrix

Manipulating the hell out of you by making you think you and I are totally bonding and getting close… Then I start telling you how I want more and all the ways you can use your life as My object…

You ADORE My beauty and my confidant chill attitude s I look pretty and make demands out of your life…

I suggest you use some kind of intoxicant to help make you more weak… I list off all these ‘substances” making you realize how many ways you could catch a buzz… then I play with your mind some more.

Come on puppy.. you know youre My slave to loves to adore and worship me… enjoy being a controlled puppet for a powerful Goddess. lets bond..

9 minutes long / $13.99 / 


Real life intox cuckold story

This is a very deviant and REAL story about how My ex bf got cheated on by me on a night out partying with my friends…

Many slaves have asked me about this story over the years and they LOVE all the dark cruel details so i figured it would be fun to make a clip about it and confess in full detail just how evil I was to this ex bf… but don’t worry, he deserved it hahaha

This story involves INTOX, cheating, cuckold an bf humiliation and obviously Mean Girls/Cruel Goddess

12 minutes long / $15 /