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Another pair of cute thermal socks from another visit to the mountains, are up for sale! I basically grew up in the mountains and my family goes often for camping, hiking, fam meetups, etc… Thermal socks are a Canadians best friend and these soft and cute Roots thermal socks were worn on and off for 2 days and part of one evening while we hiked, explored, and did whatever. Bid Bid Bid! 🙂

This pic is when we found a good spot to have breakfast before our hike. The socks had already been worn plenty by this time. I only brought one pair because I tweeted & asked if there would be interest in my mountain socks, which there was… so I just took one pair to get them good and sweaty to sell. Im so kind!

2015-05-23 101852

Below is a random picture of the mountains and my wake up view as we slept at the bottom there.

2015-05-23 100037

Random photo of my feet at the info center
2015-05-23 104734

there they are on my precious peds

2015-05-23 103053

put your nose on the screen… can you smell them? mmm you can and you know you NEED these now, so BID BID BID!

I think this pic is just after breakfast when I put my socks back on

2015-05-23 102731

Another pic at breakfast

2015-05-23 102727

wow look how amazing they look on my feet… and boy o boy did I have clammy feet that whole weekend. These socks are dirty and were super sweaty a several times 🙂

2015-05-23 102721

another beautiful photo… I was trying to get a good one of the scenery and my socks before breakfast

2015-05-23 102226

Above is another pre-hike breakfast sock pic and below is a pic of my ties with bandaids on because of huge painful blisters I got from high heels which I was wearing before we left for the mountains. They popped when I put my runners on and thankfully I found bandaids! I should have kept the bandaids to sell too?! lol

2015-05-22 201335

As I usually do, I made friends with some people camping in the area… I usually stop every person with a dog to pet it and take a selfie with the dog if I can lol Lots of times the owners will invite me for beers/lunch or something and I usually go. Here is me on my way out to visit with a couple who had 2 super cute dogs… I got a little buzzed in these socks lol

2015-05-23 092558

I was very active for pretty much 2 days straight in these cute socks and even slept in them for a bit one night because I was cold. They’ve been sweaty on my runners, I’ve walked in them without shoes in the forest a bit and your socks had an amazing time…

you pay for shipping and must pay within 24 hours

pay via nf (plus 30%)

IWC (plus 30%)

c4s (plus 30%)

amazon (plus 50% bc Im in Canada & the shipping is expensive)


bye bye, sock puppets! 🙂

bid to win my socks on ebanned


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