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Enchanted Blackmail Zone Out

14 minutes of brainwashing, mind fucking, and enchanted blackmail manipulation that will cause you to ZONE OUT which leaves your subconscious mind all mine!

You crave blackmail but after this mp3 you will not be able to resist it… This leads your mind to addictive places and distracts your logic center with stroking and edging to help keep you extra dumb. Once your mind is open I assert My magic over you by making you realize how easily you’re swayed by My magic… its so easy to implant blackmail desires into your mind.

After haring this mp3, you won’t be able to stop yourself from hitting send on a blackmail application… you’ll be stroking and jumping into blackmail so fast you won’t even realize how you’ve been brainwashed and hypnotized into it all yet jump so easily.. *you need a candle and dark room to listen*

14 minute mp3 / $20 /

High Quality – Professionally Produced – Quiet Mood Setting Custom Music

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BBC Confessional

You LOVE bbc and you love humiliation too but wow this is really going to make you feel really stupid and like such a BBC cock slut. Doing this is for losers who love the humiliation loser life and will do anything for bbc and even to amuse Me!

Ready to ruin your reputation, be looked at like a bbc weirdo and even spend time looking at BBC? This is for you!

1 page PDF slave assignment / $8.88 /


The summer of Mindy 2018

This summer your slave life is being turned into a source of fun, spending and entertainment all for ME! You’re whole life is changing… cheap food, etc. Im going to have an amazing summer while you’re converted into a doormat.

Read this page of greedy self serving Mindy text to learn the 7 new changes you must implemented into your life and spend your summer in slave fun, being My wallet! *includes a short 1 minute video of Me out spending your money*

$1.99 / 1 page text page /