homewrecker goddess gay slave

Hey slaves. I have 4 AMAZING new opportunities for you wussies.

1)Homewrecked by big cock 4 day training PDF. 2)Yellow Latex Clip. 3)Gym Butt & Runners Legs Clip. 4)FINANCIAL TRAINING!

…see all below.


Homewrecked By BIG Cocks Training

This is a three page PDF file which gives you 4 days worth of instructions on how to submerge yourself in stroking to big cocks for the sake of ruining your relationship.
You will end up having so many gay cock sucking orgasms and doing this so much cock edging that you will find all of my instructions do a very good job at putting a huge wedge in between you and your wife or girlfriend.
If you follow all the instructions in this three page, 4 day instructional PDF you will find by the fourth or fifth day that you have absolutely zero interest in your own wife or girlfriend and you become completely focused on serving me on your knees as a dick slut.

3 page PDF / $.7.99 /

Buy the goody for instant access and the password. http://www.mistressmindy.net/content/homewrecked-by-big-cocks-training
((PDF files are the most popular file format used by all devices. I have upgraded my software so that I can now provide PDF files which are guaranteed to work on any device you are on– This PDF is attached in the goody as well will be downloadable from my site and you will have instant access to the password))


Yellow latex Clip

Welcome to Mindy land bitch… you’re not going anywhere after you feast your loser eyes on Me in YELLOW LATEX! The gravitational pull to this Manipulatrix is strong so buckle up and get ready to drool like a loser 😉

3 minutes / $3.99 /


Gym Butt and Runners Legs Clip

you’re sooo stupid for My gym butt and runners legs… I squat on your face and remind you how stupid you are for Me… stupid and stupider and even more stupid… Every time I lower my big in your face you can even smell My gym ass…

Hooked on My teeki yoga leggings because they look sooo hot on My tall fit body… a bubble butt and long legs in work out stuff which just shows off all My hard work in the gym…

you know My sweaty gym ass smells and looks amazing!

6 minutes long / $7.99 /


Financial Training

$2 | $3 | $5 | | $7 | $10 | $12 | $15 | $20 | $22 | $25 | $30 | $37 | $45 | $50 | $65 $75 | $85 $95

Financial training is the most amazing way to reprogram and rewire your tiny little pea brain. The financial training links start at a puny $2 and go all the way up to $95. Start anywhere in the links you like and you click and pay pay them over and over. What happens is you start to become more comfortable and more sexually excited and feel more useful as a slave with each paid Financial Training link.

There is a rush and a buzz as if you took a hit of the perfect drug for you. But the best thing happens is if you pay a specific link too many times the rush goes away and you need to pick something higher to pay to get that rush and that buzz again. So addicting. You crave the buzz in the rush of repeatedly clicking and paying. It gets you off and it sends so many feel-good chemicals buzzing through your body.

As you can see financial training is very purposeful and exciting. Before your own eyes you will watch yourself be converted and reprogrammed and rewired into a spend bot. Giving you a amounts and orders that are small enough that repeated enough will turn your cock into a throbbing click and spend machine.

How To: the idea and vision is for you to lose yourself in clicking and paying. So for example you would start at the $2 link and you would pay it over and over and over and again and again. Then you would move on to the $3 and $5 and repeatedly pay them over and over and over and then you would move on to the $7. you will become addicted to paying the same link over and over upwards of 10 times or maybe even more. But you will find if you pay it too many times it loses its luster and you will need to repeat the process with a higher link. This becomes your addiction and your sexual gratification. Watching yourself get drained over and over and over. The vision is for you to spend binges clicking and paying eventually totalling hours or even days with your clicking and paying repeatedly as if you were a machine.

Start now and click and pay your way into the world of human atm slavery.

$2 | $3 | $5 | | $7 | $10 | $12 | $15 | $20 | $22 | $25 | $30 | $37 | $45 | $50 | $65 $75 | $85 $95