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I have imported this blog post from another blog I don’t want to maintain anymore, but I also don’t want to delete all the posts because I think they are fun. This is one of 2 or 3 Im going to add here. The others are all vegan food related so I don’t think my readers will want to read that stuff so I just want to add the fun ones…


On YouTube there’s a popular video tag titled, “what’s in my purse? ” I guess this blog post is the picture and Amazon version of that ha ha

So, here’s what’s in my purse! (Links to most of it on Amazon below the photo)

All natural coconut base lip tint, hair clip, a lock for the gym, memory disk, ponytail… And now the good stuff

Chanel #1 powder brush

Chanel rouge allure # 81

Chanel glossimer #182

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact in beige

Bite beauty gold lipgloss

Dior blush #889 new red

Urban Decay waterline

Louis Vuitton card holder (I’m not sure if this exact one is on Amazon)

And lastly a loony. Which is a Canadian $1 coin