Heres a few photos to wet your lips with… I mean, lets face it… these photos are just enough to wet your beak with but we both know you’ll need so much more Mindy! Well I hope you’re ready to get fucked over, abused, insulted and be put on your knees to kiss my ass! haha! *What a lil feisty Goddess I am!*

So you’ll find these droolable 3 photos below, followed by my latest clips and then at the bottom some photos from this week as well a little bragging! Oh also my ebanned auction is doing REALLY well so far… its only been up less than 24 hours and it already has 11 bids, putting my socks at over $110 and its just day 1. Theres still 9 more days to go! exciting eh?! You should really check out my post about it and bid!



Check out my latest clips… Hello, weenie heads… talk about SEXY & Vicious!

Princess Mindy ASS Medicine CureBuy Now
Price: $10.99
Size: 362 MB
Length: 8 minutes
Feeling down, extra stupid, sad, sick, having troubles, cant sleep or just need a little pick me up??? – Dont fear Dr Mindy is here… and Iv got the worlds greatest wonder drug, Mindys Ass Medicine! Its comprised of my ass, my bubble butt, long legs and more of my ass… in your face, pov and LOTS of it… Mindys Ass medicine is just the medicine you need to fix and repair you… Careful though, Mindys Ass Medicine in large doses is very addicting… Always take Mindys Ass Medicine on your knees and immediatly after licking the dirt off my boots… While licking the dirt off my boots while you get a healthy dose of my ass might make your little dick explode which is a treat for you as well… all the best drugs have sexy side effects and my ass is not excluded from that either! – QUICK get your ass medicine now before you get even worse… Taa Daa My ass is here to save the day. Drs orders! Fetishes: dr medicine fetish, ass, ass, ass, ass, boot licking, long legs and LOTS OF ASS SMELLING!
Expensive Shallow Brat Teases, Taunts & BragsBuy Now
Price: $12.99
Size: 470 MB
Length: 10 minutes
I start out looking trendy, like the kind of girl you would see dragging my nose along the starbucks celing, in expensive trendy clothes… BUT that ends REAL quick because after some bragging I start jiggling, shaking and bouncing my ass in your face as I tell you how youre going to buy me expensive stuff too After having me look at you with such a deviant bratty look while I force you to stare at my ass while I shake it in your face… show off my long legs and MAKE you drool… Im sure you’ll be jerking that wallet all over my tribute page! Guaranteed! (oh and a surprise UPS phone call you get to hear, to let me know gifts had arrived… haha what perfect timing!)
Refining Sissy Training 101Buy Now
Price: $12.99
Size: 444 MB
Length: 11 minutes
This fun and highly educational, interactive instructional clip is not only sissy training but you get step by step Femme training that will help you learn how to stand, walk and sit with poise and exactly like a woman! IN FACT, I used to do a little bit of runway back in the day and remember all my training, which REALLY shows in the clip… its quite impressive to see me show you styles of walking along with the no nos and the do’s of standing, walking, sitting and doing it with out that ugly penis get in the way… adore my perfect walking and sitting style and how great and composed I look while showing you the proper poses/standing stances that are acceptable if youre to be in My sorority! included is a little bragging of course as well encouragement to shave your dick off and also hear all about my plans to turn you into a 100% full woman! – Plus you’ll love and respect this perfect outfit I have on… just look how great I look… Im the head sister, the big popular Girl around here and wow are you jealous and admirable of me! Lucky you Im going to help you be more like me!
FILTHY dirty feet in black and whiteBuy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 376 MB
Length: 8 minutes
my feet are horrendously filthy in this clip… I couldn’t even believe it myself when I realized how dirty they were! totally gross haha so I flipped the cam on so you could clean them for me… I mean thats your job after all (its in dramatic black and white for fun and I was trying out new setting on my canon) HD
Company Take-over By Power & Money Hungry Princess MindyBuy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 229 MB
Length: 5 minutes
haha you thought you hired a hot new piece of eye candy for the office but boy oh boy do I have a surprise for you horny CEO bitch… Starting out by sauntering around, showing off and prick teasing you… smart mouthing you and showing blatanet disrespect for you as my “boss” and the big guy in the company… Its your fault for being so stupid… I mean did you really think a girl like me would work for anyone? hahahaha I tease you, manipulate you & explain how im going to make you give me the entire company… Jiggling my big boobs in your face and pushing my hot ass into you ass I let you know how youre a wussy whos about to cough up the company to me and turn me into a high powered business woman over night! Drool over my voluptuous hot body, big bouncing boobs and beautiful outfit which in accumulation drives you over the edge and makes you mindless and stupid… Watch now and have me turn you from EXEC to a mere employee and take it ALL from you!
Show Off Greedy Goddess in glitter pumps & a sexy outfitBuy Now
Price: $9.99
Size: 352 MB
Length: 8 minutes
adore my hotness, long legs, curves, my stylish outfit, sexy glitter pumps, long sexy hair and my sweet cute face… Im seductive, arrogant and full of confidence as I flaunt my hotness around…. of course in the end I instruct you to thank me for the amazing clip with your wallet! hehe enjoy addicts! fetishes: tall goddess, tanned/dark skin/black mistress/biracial girls/financial domination/seductive/tease/cleavage worship


So Iv just gotten into Sky clothes and here is my first top. Expensive but OMG as soon as I put it on (I tried it on right away) I was soo stunned at the quality! No wonder its expensive! It looks hot on and hugs perfectly! I dont know who bought this for me but, nice fucking buy, bitch! I have other Sky tops in my wish list that I want so make them appear in my purchased section! *cracks whip!*


Awesome bracelet that wraps around my sexy arm! Look how perfectly Gold matches my skin tone!


See, bitch!



Seriously love this! I drink lemon water all the time and I mean straight up lemon water lol no sugar or anything and I love it. Cant wait too see how this actually flavours the water with other stuff.


heres one pic from one of my days on niteflirt – you know how I am, always bending you fuck face idiots over and banging your wallets like its my own personal sport! haha well as far as Im concerned it is!


someone better pay me back for this… quite frankly Im sick of you little pigs enjoying my photos and snot bag tweets and when I post my receipts it takes forever for you losers to pay me back. this is from some time last week and its still unpaid! Take care of it!


heres a local bitch who had the joy of watching me on cam this weekend… $400 smackeroos from his account to mine and not too mention, hello look at that view! I know how to treat you ass wipes… you should ALWAYS be beneath me… because you are!




Well well well… the cat has drug back an ooold loser from wayyy back in the day. you idiots always come back.. alllways come back to the big Bo$$! you love how I treat you like fucking garbage and like disposable peons born simply to be my personal ass wipe, door mats and ATM machines. I dont think this douche bag has really done much changing and in fact Im pretty rude too him… He sent me $300 yesterday and then I told him hes shit on the ground. Not even shit on the grass which would serve as fertilizer but just dog shit on the cement. He didnt seem too like it too much but then again hes a piece of crap. Im just using him and he knows it! Well Im all about new leafs & new chance$, so lets see if hes really changed and can earn loser status and not dog shit status! hahaha yeah I know… Im such a biotch!

So what! ;P

heres my call button.. U$e it! get used, abuse, humiliated & totally controlled! $4.99 per sexy minute! Call Button


(Iv added more stuff below I forgot too add!)20130525-105211.jpg








OH and lets not forget this looooozer!

hey slaves… I dont know if the number works or not but give him a call. He wants you to drill his ass!


Hey tequilakid… youre still on my hit list. The clips on c4s of you were nothing, just the start. You know Ill do it and Im sending your shit ALLL over your area and surrounding. Iv threatened it soo many times but just you wait bitch… Im legit fucking you over! 🙂