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Happy fathers day my ass you bunch of perverts :)

you want some kind of validation or round of applause this fathers day? hahaha pfff nope, you can smell my ass and be happy I let you keep any of your money so you can feed those rug rats!


A Snippet Of “A Divorce Letter To Your Wife”

Hi attached slaves… The time to get that divorce we’ve been discussing his here. Don’t worry, I know you’re too wimpy to do the dirty work so I’m doing it for you.

Iv wrote a letter to your wife and I want you to leave this for her to find. Now, Im only leaving a snippet here for you to read and you will have to buy the letter to get the whole thing. Yes, I know… Im so greedy I make you pay for even your own demise and divorce lol. Trust Me, this letter is so hot and extremely cruel… Im such a talented wordsmith and clearly using my gifts in life to do the devils work. But, Im pretty so, oh well :)

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The Divorce Letter To Your Wife (a free snippet)

“Hello, soon to be ex wife.

My name is Mindy and though you dont know me, I know a lot about you. Truth is, this is an email to you that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to send as your husband was going to say all of this to you and handle it for me. But, from what I understand you can be very difficult to deal with and quite irrational. Gee, lets hope your not menopausal today because this email just might make the last part of your ovaries dry up in an instant.

Ill try to be kind.

First let me tell you a little bit about the kind of young Woman I am and who I am to you, your husband and your family.

Im a young woman in her peak. My breasts are full, round and they bounce all over the place… men, including your husband cant resist them. They either want to touch and suck them, worship them or they’re trying to get these huge future milk machines to walk down the isle with them. Because Im a biracial girl, I have a yearly tanned body with the sexiest perfectly coloured small nipples. My ass is irresistible as its the perfect mix of both worlds… not too big and not too small and a shape thats right in between the two ethnicities.

Admittedly even thought I knew your husband was not single, I did tease him a little in my provocative and expensive stylish clothes… you understand why I did that though, right? I must have been ovulating and I cant help the things I do when my body is making my young fertile pussy wet. It makes me be a bad girl and prey on weak husbands for fun and bratty thrills. Sure, you’re nearly dried up and have never been half as physically appealing as I am, but you can understand, cant you?!

So, naturally your husband couldn’t resist and began to peruse me in a very respectful and submissive way. I know, this part might sting for you as I know he doesn’t put any effort in when it comes to you. (I dont understand this, dont you have any self respect? you think you might go get a real new life with someone who doesn’t act like your invisible?)”

… buy the letter to read the rest. Its a LONG bratty nasty letter & your cock is going to LOVE it! Your wife, not so much ;)



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Who said you could stop? Rub My feet more, loser!

men were born to be slaves… slaves to beautiful Women like Me. One of your jobs in life is to attend to my pretty feet and make sure my pretty toes are groomed, feet rubbed, etc…

So, when you get on your little servant boy knees to rub my perfect soles, toes and peds – dont you ever stop until I say you are done and to get lost! Got it?!

Perfect princess Feet, Foot Fetish Goddess, Foot slave, Long Toes, Wrinkled Soft Soles

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One of my favourite ways to use my man slaves is to use them for the gain of my hot beautiful pretty feet… Id use you as my sock cleaner, doormat, pedicure boy, shoe buyer, and personal full time foot massage bitch!

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Pay for My designer flip-flops

Hello, slaves! Welcome to a little blog post about my flip flop shopping trip to Holt Renfrew.

Before I start, lets adore my trendy and super stylish outfit. Actually, I think its an all slave bought outfit – like most of my stuff haha :) #Spoiled

Rebbeca Minkoff skirt, Frye purse, Free People crop top, Valentino flip flops, Gucci watch, Tiffany Sterling ear beads, Tory Burch sunnies & a Jessica Simpson scarf – cute!

I was on the hunt for a new pair of flip flops… some cheapo flip flops because they seem to be the only comfy flip flops that dont cause pain. Anyway I ended up in Holt renfrew trying on Valentino & Tory Burch flip flops. I REALLY liked the Tory Burch ones and they were soooooooooo comfy. But they didnt have them in my size :(

So I found these super cute Valentino flip flops

I want to go back and buy these tan flip flops so you need to send me $300 because its your job to buy these things! $300 *good boy*

a nearly fresh faced with almost no make up and my hair pulled up into a super messy high bun, natural looking Me! Iv been wearing a lot less makeup lately and you weak pervert males are loving it! Yep, a natural cutie pie!

These tacky Valentino flats are what first caught my eye and deviated me from my b-line to payless for comfy cheap flip flops lol

In the end I bought these pink studded Valentino flip flops… guess what?! They fucking hurt!

$300 pay me back the $300 for these! (or go to the tribute page to pick an amount!)

$999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

Losers, slaves, bitches, sluts and other submissive wallets… just look how great I look!

Id snub you so hard if I ever saw you in real life… Id never drop my stock and give my attention to a pip squeeze zero like you haha , Im just here to use and abuse you! So get busy and pay up, pervert!


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Youre My Toilet

I actually found a use for you… youre a my toilet bowl and toilet paper! Until now you probably thought you had no function in life… but thanks to me, Iv discovered something youre good at!
fetishes: humiliation, degrading, bitchy, bathroom slavery

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The Brat vs The Boring bitch

ts me and my knee high socks, bratty ways, sexy face and my evil mind vs your boring nagging wife/gf! – who do you think is going to win? I am, obviously!!!!
Im SO MEAN… all the rotten evil things I say about your wife/gf in this clip is terrible… Im fucking heartless – I admit how I dont give one little fuck about what I do to her… and I couldnt give a rats ass about what she thinks about all the terrible things I tempt you into doing…

If she knows whats good for her, she better not bitch, she better not question you and if she wants to save her home, she better crawl to me, smell my panties and cough up her pay cheques to me too!
Fetishes: Super Bratty, Panties, legs, socks, homewrecking, wife humiliation, bitchy, tease, bad girl

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Ball Busting Sock Assignment

sock worship ball busting assignment that will leave your nuts black and blue for the next week
watch the clip and follow my ball busting orders… The fate of your balls depends on my knee high socks… are you an idiot or sucker for cute socks? your balls will pay the price dearly! #SlaveAssignment #BallBusting

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I have a mickey of Grey Goose and I’ve been so kind as to let you hang out with me like a bug on the wall and watch me make a drink… BUT THEN. I turn my attention to you and request you to get liver damage for me by making a CRAZY ass strong drink!!!

look how sexy I look walking around in Paige jeans, a Tory Burch cardigan, Frye Boots and enjoy my natural bratty confidant way about myself… Get the details on the drink I want you to drink and then drink it… if you dare!!
have your hard liquor ready when watching this clip!

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Lick my boots clean bitches

the only thing youre good for is licking my fucking boots clean… you dont even deserve a bed… you deserve to live in my closet and spend your life worshiping and cleaning my boots
get busy, loser… lick my boots clean NOW!

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Office Minion Domination

Im SOOO MEAN in this clip… barging into your office and assaulting you as you work hard at your desk… throwing everything off your desk and ripping up all your hard work! haha this is OFFICE RUINATION, loser and youre my next victim!
youre a hard working man, living an honest life… fucked over by your boss, the government and busting your ass daily to pay your bills… and along comes Me, fucking up, humiliating you at work, taking your cash and making you cry!!!
cry bitch… cry your face off… oh yeah – it turns me on when you cry from my bratty abuse… Ill fucking ruin you right in your office in front of everyone!

8 mins / $11 /