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4 steps you cant resist obeying

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Get Blasted For My Cleavage

Non stop popper sniffing and intense edging for my bouncy round breasts is what this clip is all about.
You’re not allowed to stop sniffing or edging… you have to sniff the way and the amount I tell you to & you have to edge the whole clip too. It gets SOOO intense in one part of the clip where I make you sniff back to back over and over in both nostrils!!!

you’re going to be so fucked up and buzzed out and your cock is going to be drooling and throbbing the whole clip…
I bounce, squeeze and shake my tits in your face while I ask you how high you are and even laugh while I order you to sniff even more
Get fucked up for my cleavage now! ((Plus I look so amazing in this beautiful dress!!! wow my tits look hot in it!)))

7 minutes / $9.50

This clip features elements of: Boob Bouncing,Goddess Worship

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Bedroom intox binge Assignment

you’ll be on a real binge. in your dark room, isolated with booze and poppers. edging, peaking, and chasing your peaks… the room will spin, you wont remember the whole binge and you’ll be humiliated if anyone catches you – in fact, they might have an intervention of you get caught doing this.

You’re in full addict mode and doing my detail evil hot intox orders which will have you losing track of time and reality while you escape through serious binging to a world in which sobriety and reality dont exist… just sniffing, drinking and edging for at least 8 hours!

Escape your life now and get fucked up to my bedroom intox binge for the day/night… you’ll be deliberately going full on junky style… wank sniff edge, blackout and repeat! have fun!

Have booze, poppers, lube and your kleenex ready! Say goodbye to reality ;)

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Kiss My Sexy Ted Baker Heels

get on your knees right now and be a good servant for Princess & kiss my expensive Ted Baker heels!

 where ever you are. work, home, etc… Kiss my heels and lay $25 down at my feet as a thanks for letting you kiss my sexy heels ;)

~ Princess Mindy

 $999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

 $999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

 $999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

Owned by My black spandex

Here I am again in another hot outfit which makes your pathetic little old man dick drool.

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Perfect Princess curves that take control of your whole addicted life.

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Ahh my beautiful middle finger showing you where to go… since you’re too stupid to know without me telling you ;)

Image158My ass, your nose, you wish!

Intox Pervert slave assignment

intox pervert

Today you will be watching 5 hours of porn. Im sure you just love that idea, dont you perv?! In addition to watching 5 hours of porn and jerking off, you will also be getting wasted for Princess and becoming my entertaining drunk jack off loser ;) Have fun!

Have hard liquor, beer and mix ready!

There are only 2 rules. 1. you must finish this assignment in full as described from start to finish with no interruptions and 2. if you cum doing this, you must keep going!

5 hours of booze and jack off instructions are inside… get ready to be a mega drunk pervert!