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Lick My Havaianas Flip Flops Clean

get on your knees loser because its time to lick my havaiana flip flops clean… you better do a good job to or Ill Crush you with my flip flops… like a bug!
Laughing while I dangle my flip flops from my toes while instructing you to lick them clean and not to miss a single spot!
adore my perfect pretty feet and my sparkly spice coloured fresh mani/pedi which makes your job even more exciting… lucky loser!
look how cute I look… if you have a thing for girls in tight tank tops with big tits and cleavage and cute ROOTS sweats, then this clip is perfect for you too!)

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Ted Baker Peplum Sweater

Earlier today I went to a wine tasting thingy with a handful of GFs… As you can see, Princess looked so amazing too! Markiepoo bought me this sexy Ted Baker peplum sweater off my wishlist and sent it express to me… it came yesterday and I loved it so much I wore it today!



Im going out in a few hours for a few drinks and Im already a little less than sober so Im taking a taxi or getting a sedan for the way there… $30 each way ($78 for the sedan) pay me back and send $$$ for drinks and food too!

$200 | $100 | $50 | $25 \ $400 | $50 | $25 | $100

… thats all, a quick blog post to show off in my sexy sweater and give you something to pay for ;)

Mindys Brunch & Shopping Sunday

Hi slaves! Just for fun and to allow you a peek into some of my weekend… Plus, it’s your job to pay me back so, enjoy what you’ve bought me, I wanted to share some pics from my weekend ;)

20140922-082759 (1)

Here I am around 11am-ish on Sunday at one of my fav spots to have brunch. If you follow me on twitter almost every weekend you can see my tweets of me going out for brunch and always eating the same thing! #CreatureOfHabbit

Here it is, A vegetarian eggs benedict with avocado, spinach and tomato on a gluten free bun. I ask for the eggs very hard so I can pull the yellow parts out and make it an egg white benny and extra hollandaise… exactly like that every time and I love it! Its not on the menu but my 2 fav places make it like that for me… MMM and look at that mimosa! The bill for my gf and I was just under $40 and I paid, which means I want to be paid back by one of you!


SHOPPING!!! Usually after we eat, we shop! Theres lots of stylish shops nearby… Below are photos of the stuff Iv bought & the price tags. Feel free to adopt a price tag or just pay me back for everything!

A Paige jean jacket $285, Parker blouse $270, 3 Wilt tops$105, $120 & $150  (& a pair of Wilt sweat pants not in the pic $175), and a White and Warren sweater $340


NiteFlirt Tributes $999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

… Below is Me getting busy at the Nordstrom opening on Friday… Ahh and dont I look so hot too?!?!

20140922-082759 (1)

Tight True Religion jeans, a Torry Burch cardigan which I love to leave the 1st button undone and pull my tank top down low and jack my cleavage up… basically my tits jiggle and steal all the attention :)

Heres the stash… A really cute Oui sweater, a small Marc Jacobs back page, VS top, a cool stylish ball cap, a top and I dont remember the last thing lol #spoiled


 Here a hot picture of my legs and heels on the escalator… when I posted this one on twitter a couple of losers said they were jealous of the escalator lol


Geez, look how smoking hot I am, slaves!!! Tight jeans that show off my curves & hot ass, amazing hot heels and keeping it trendy and kinda classy with my designer top and cardigan0n… Super tease-y with my big boobs bouncing all over and totally in your face… I bet your wife, gf, last gf, etc never dressed like this to go shopping… she probably couldnt even look this good if she tried her hardest – Then theres Me… I ooze sex appeal, Im a magnet… men love me… Im taller and look hot! Anyway, I think those are all great reasons to worship Me and pay for all my stuff and my fun too!

IWantClips Tributes $400 | $50 | $25 | $100

20140921-175259.jpgI wasnt done shopping on Sunday  lol I had to make a stop at La Senza so I could get some new clip goodies… so this too should be your bill to take care of too… The total was about $105 but Ill accept $100 so use the links below and pay for my sexy panties, bra sand lingerie, slaves!

nf - $100 | $50 | $25 / iwc - $50 | $25 | $100

Those sexy girlie colours look sooo amazing on my hot skin, <3 just wait till you see me in them, theyre probably going to make you even more addicted to me!

~ Happy Monday, My worker bees!


upcoming members cam

hi slaves! Im now on IWantClips & its my new fav place to sell clips as I keep way more of the money from my sales! Though I only have about 10 – 20 clips up there so far, do try to use them for clip sales! Ill also be uploading all my assignments and stuff there too

I plan to be doing weeks of cam via my members area pretty soon… I have garbage bags of receipts to sort through and I figured why not let you idiots hang out with me and pay me to do it?!?! I won’t be “performing” or anything, rather in hang out and even ignore mode… some days Ill be in a tank and panties, socks etc and other days maybe a hot dress… Im sure Ill switch it up… Ill be cool with chatting and stuff though. Anyway, My members area rate are $75 per month and so it will be a huge deal for you subbies… to get to hang out and worship for weeks on a tiny members area fee!

I don’t have the ability for you guys to join with visa just yet & so when I get that added, Ill start my daily members area… so keep checking back for that AND join my news letter so you don’t miss out when it all starts! #exciting!

Oh here some more cool news… If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me talk about wanting a boob job for years… well, I actually have a consult in the next month or two with a December/January surgery goal date! AHhh how cool!


Markie has agreed to send 3k to my bank for my 16k boob job cost – the rest of you minions should follow suit!

speaking of markie… he’s been doing lots of spending and edging and drinking and spending and worshipping… He’s spent thousands and thousands on his pretty dark and deviant Princess… Iv got hot new jackets, clothes, my macbook pro, sexy $836 Sergio Rossi boots and lots of profitable calls and tributes… Yay, I deserve it all too!

Ass boy has been a pretty decent puppy the past week too… he likes to tribute for pictures of my dirty panties and then worships and tributes them… he even prints pics of my ass and panties off and carries them around in his wallet haha aww how pathetic and cute at the same time!

oh and speaking of my ass… I have some pretty hot and creative new clips that show off my sweet ass and my amazing-self!!! lol I actually didn’t mean to do a full on blog post haha but when I get typing/talking, I just gooooo lol Anyway, I probably should start blogging more and bragging more… but I usually just simply don’t feel like it lolz

…Ill do another blog with pics and update on other slaves later today or tomorrow!

I really wanted to do a quick blog about my weeks of upcoming members area cam… I have to just buckle down and get these receipts sorted and figured, why not make a thing of it?!

check out my new clips /

and of course… subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss any members cam!!! (the newsletter subscription is on my main page around the middle of the page! …while you’re at it… join my members area too!

Mamas boy findom break up – findom therapy & more awesome fetish clips – BUY THEM NOW!

Hey slaves… I have hot new clips 4 you to buy… so get on your knees and buy them NOW!


Mindys 1st greedy relationship therapy session 

You’re my therapist and my boyfriend asked me to see you because he feels insecure about how much I love money and how many men spoil me… BUT Im not like the other people you counsel hahaha
Listen to the brattiest, nearly airhead banter of a spoiled brat Princess who speaks about her boyfriend like hes a slave and her personal ATM machine…
If you love shallow beautiful women who use and abuse their men… just wait till you hear how I speak to you, as my therapist…
THEN I try to seduce you, into letting me have this session for free… All the while acting as though the selfish way I live my life is totally innocent and for my boyfriends best interest! MEGA BRAT! – Its not my fault doc, its like, I radiate money and power… it just follows me everywhere! ;) Im sure when you see how sexy I am with my big tits and long legs, you’ll agree with me, doc!



Findom Break up with mom disappointment 

Here I am breaking up with you again, but this time youre emptying your bank account for me… AND if you even think of resisting, Im going to tell your mom what kind of a pervert you are!!! Shes going to think she failed when she hears you watch tranny porn, like cock and finds out about all the pervert things you do… she wont blame me at all for leaving you but shes going to be so shattered to find out her son is a dirty pig!!!
watch me laugh as I basically BLACKMAIL all your savings out of your bank account…Either pay me or I break your moms heart and tell her, her son is a low life pervert and let her see how your sexual perversions have just ruined your chance and, her chance too, for a family and normal life with a good girl like me… Pay up and Ill go quietly – fuck around, and your mom finds out EVERYTHING hahaa


Death By Blue Intoxicating Poisonous Lips 

You should stay far away from my intoxicating and highly dangerous poisonous blue lips… theyre laced with highly toxic potent poison that will severely harm you… They’ll End You over and over and over until you croak & explode 1000 horrid and expensive exterminations !!!
Get lost in this toxic fantasy of my killer blue lips which have the power to end your manhood 1000 times by reactivating their powers within your DNA…
stupid horny boy… your mind and body yearns for just one kiss… your cock drives you to lay your lips upon my poisonous plump juicy lips… knowing youre just asking for trouble… Are you dumb enough? Think you can resist these lips? Ki$$ me and lose your life 1000 times NOW!


Ignored shoe licker loser 

ignoring you while I chat on the phone with a girlfriend… haha you can hear me talking about you too… We laugh and call you loser and bitch and discuss how you can lick her shoes clean too..
after you lick my shoes clean I pat you on the head and request you go clean up a dirty pair of boots which are covered in something so gross that I cant even write about it here!


You’re Obsessed With My Long Dark legs 

its like you cant think when you see my legs… its like, you cant do anything other than get horny and spend! Its like My legs own youa nd control you… – you have to worship and obey my legs, you cant help it!
adore my thick dark long legs while I implant how obsessed you are to my legs by telling you all the ways you get weak and hot for them… in brat mode… Its like, My legs run your life… its like, you want to jack off and obey them forever!
get Mindy leg addicted now/Binge on My legs, bitch!

New degrading & humiliating slave assignment

Hey losers… heres something fun I made for you weirdos – you’ll need a niteflirt account to buy it or access it via my members area!

How To Look Stupid(er)

I titled this assignment “stupid(er)” because you already look pretty stupid and I want to enhance your idiocy even more… so, this assignment is mostly for losers, idiots and pervs who want to be humiliated or just obey, no matter what the cost!

You will be subject to 2 days of public humiliation which will shame and embarrass you… following you completing my tasks you will be given one last humiliation tasks which will both use you and entertain Me… This is almost pointless and totally emasculating… you will wonder what the fuck you’re doing and how you became such a moron… if you enjoy feeling humiliated and being laughed at, snickered at and looked at with disgust by others – Then this is for you!!!

2 days of total humiliation and degrading yourself in public and doing dumb things to yourself that will last for weeks of humiliation to come!


fetishes: humiliation, degrading, emasculation, public humiliation

10 ways to go fuck yourself 2