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A cheating husbands secret letter to his wife

Okay, so, I have LOTS of ways to get you in trouble in my members area or by PTV on www.MistressMindy.net … Today I got an mail from a slave who did this http://www.mistressmindy.net/the-fml-letter-of-humiliation-destruction homewrecking assignment

In short, he has sent me a letter his wife should have… the idea was to confess some things he should probably keep to himself… and here is what he had to say

“To my pig wife,

No sex in over 2 years is ridiculous. Even your fat ass should need a fuck once in a while. You know those calls you got last year were real and I was cheating with that young asian girl. I have also turned to sucking cock when I am interstate (I have done a few here as well) at least the cocks and he young asian girl in Syd make me cum.

Oh and I do visit hookers when I am out of town. At least once every trip I get one to come to my hotel and fuck me. It’s the only way I get a blow my load.”

hahahahahahaha! OMG, funny!

If any of you other dildos want to get yourselves in some trouble… I have over 279 slave assignments here http://www.mistressmindy.net/category/slave-assignments you’ll need a niteflirt account to purchase them, or simply join my members area http://mistressmindy.com/free-tour/join-now as most are in there and more being added weekly!

… I think someone needs to have some homewrecking fun with me??!!! ;) xoxoxox ~Prince$$ Mindy


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July 4th ALMOST Exposure 4 A US Air Force Panty Bitch

Hi guys!!!

Happy July 4th to all you Americans and an even greater HAPPY CANADA DAY to my fellow Canadians! Speaking of Americans… check out this stupid fucking panty wearing loser…

He contacted me, wanted blackmail, I kinda shluffed him off but he REALLY wanted it… SOOOO he sent me a shit load of info… I mean, talk about taunting the devil! It was a no brainer… I took the torch and ran with it…

ANYWAYYY yes hes paid, paid paid and paid.. plus sent me all kinds of dirty pics, some of which I didnt ask for! Congrats, youre a dumb ass!

Anywho, I agreed to a little 2k blackmail buyout andddd… he dicked around! Uhh, half the time its not JUST the money owed, its like, my pride or arrogance on the line – you think YOU, some tiny dick fart can just wallce out of my web when YOU want?!?! pahahaha, no! He said if I could be nice and just wait a week, he will have his 2k… I waited he didnt pay up… I had to send several emails and finally I said… last email you get – enjoy having no job in addition to your neighbours, fam and friends seeing your info PLUS whatever else I come up with to fry your ass!

Of course he replies singing he blues… as if I care… “Oh I had bills, Im boroke” bla bla – Yeah anyway, back to me… I want what I want or else!


So, he basically tried to dart with out paying… What a retard! I mean, seriously… I could leave him jobless and in a really bad spot… why not just pay up and piss off? Leave on good terms? I mean, yeah Im a lil devil and play in blackmail from time to time, but I never cross the line and keep it going after a buyout… Im pretty fair! lol as fair as one can be in this hehehe ;)

Anyway, this blog was supposed to be me blasting him into outer space… showing all these pics and WAY MORE, totally uncensored, plus an MP3 of me calling his officials. But he sent me $500 and I agreed to wait until the 15th… its his LAST chance!

Honestly, Im busy finishing packing and getting ready for my BC vaca tomorrow… I really didnt want to spend several hours hanging this cock sucker out to dry!(I would have though!) BUT if he rocks the boat on the 15th… I promise you guys the blackmail blog of a lifetime!!! Ill give you guys something to jack off to for many moons to come! (btw – this losers cock is so small that, that might be the worst part for him… if his friends seen how small it was they probably would abandon him!… the uncensored versions looks like a little nub or some little pointy ball protruding from his body… its really gross… like, thanks allot… thanks for being such a pin dick loser – gross!)

… okay boys… Princess has stuff to do. If I have time Ill finish my quick Markiepoo $2600 1 hour worship sessh blog post and post that today too!

byeee ;)

~ Princess Mindy xoxox

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Humiliatrix ball busting Princess Mindy


Hi slaves! Iv been doing superb, as always… Thought it was time I blessed you simple peons with some new text, bragging and visuals… haha Im sure many of you have been coming back time and time again, just like addicts do to see if Iv updated! Hoping for a few crumbs lol *pats you on your head* cute lil Mindy pup! ;)

Whats new in Mindy Land? Less than 1 week until Im back in BC for a week *woohoo!* Iv done a few photo shoots which turned out mega HOT, but what do you expect when Im the focal point hehe… so make sure you join my members area because Im trying to revive it and have added weekly additions back on my schedule! lol You remember my schedule I posted about, dont you haha it only has 3 things on it for a week haha! well, thats because I live the princess life and I dont have to have a big crazy schedule like you do… :) Okay so, anyway… this week, ALL 300+ assignments should be in there, plus my newest photo sets and clips! SOOOO

Iv attained a new little blackmail toy whos had his wallet squeezed to the max… I think Iv taken all he has, for now, so Iv allowed him until July 1st to produce another $750… though Im sure hes had near 2k taken his first week in the blackmail fetish world with me haha… Iv also acquired all kinds of scandalous photos and information… put it this way – I own him! I could mail his boss, fam, friends and show them some pretty perverted pics and more! haha #fun



Suspended from niteflirt for 1 week – Use Sinfulcall instead

NF must have been on a rampage because not only were ALL my listings suspended, I also seen about 3 other girls send out mails informing their callers that they were suspended like me. They take nearly a week just to get to your updates and if they dont like it still, its another week…

So I responded slightly irritated as I remember the days flirts actually had better support – If my listing was in violation, they would actually PHONE ME to give me a heads up… now they just suspend you! Well, they must have been on the hunt just looking for things wrong because they found an email I sent out with my instagram link in a mail I sent out a month ago… no really, they would have had to dig for it… how rude! They accused me of using IG to basically take payments elsewhere… well, instagram is PICTURES, teasers… stuff to keep ppl interested and has nothing to do with money.

Anyway, Iv been banned for 1 week! Hopefully this is the last of the issues and when they reactivate me on July 3rd, all will be well! *fingers crossed*  grrr /endrant

Iv got sinful call setup already and you can call me for $4.50 a minute on there http://www.sinfulcall.com/profile/mindymadison?ref=Jp8X

Well, its certainly motivated me to join a bunch of other sites and add my clips and take calls etc off other platforms… I should know better than to most most of my eggs in one basket anyway! SOOOO as a result, Im on sinfulcall AND kinkbomb! COOL eh?! Though Im a tad nervous about kinkbomb as the CS seems minimal and wasnt overly friendly… Plus I asked how to set up tributes & didnt even get a reply… ookay, Ill be sure to take tributes on a site that wants my %  Im a bit sick of rude staff, so fingers crossed its not a bad experience there! AT any rate… here is my kinkbomb http://www.kinkbomb.com/studio/princessmindy

Oh, I do have a real blog post half way done, so stay tuned! ;)


Princess Mindy gets her way with men every time!

hey fuck faces… ;)

heres a couple of droolable pics to get your wallets nice and ready to spend!

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magical cock jacking science assignment which makes you lose control!

Plant your seeds & magically lose control

this intense transfer of energy and powerful assignment is a scientific, magical and VERY real task which cannot be undone!!!!

I use the power of science, the magic of my commands, your horny cock and weak mind against you in a dick jacking ritual which is not only intense, highly pleasurable, NEVER DONE BEFORE, unique and slightly perverse… but it will leave you feeling physically weak and totally controlled by ME!

As your Goddess I demand a toll from you now and then to earn your place on my beautiful planet… This time I want your energy, control and your manhood and I give you detailed commands on how to send it to me through your cock… BUT THATS NOT ALL!!!

How I make you cum and what I make you fuck is the craziest and most interesting thing you’ll ever fuck in the name of being a slave!

have fun and get ready to me mind fucked, controlled, have a magical cum and lots of cock play/edging until the final stroke and cum!

Warning: this is fun but highly real and powerful! get owned and controlled through your cock, now!


Fetishes: detailed repeated edging, JOI, Science/Magic Control, Physical Reaction, Loss of control, Power transfer, Goddess worship