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Random Person Wants To Blackmail Mark Midwood a Slave From MY blog! lol

***this is a great example of why you dont want to be put on my blog with a negative light***

Remember Mark Midwood? 2 to 3 months after that blog post was made he sent me an email saying I ruined his life… WELL, I guess his life could be potentially be ruined just a little bit more because last week I got an email from someone who wants Marks info… Gee, was it ever tempting but I decided not to… YET!

I want $500 from Mark for being so rude to me…

Anyway here is the email I got last week, which I am considering releasing all the info over unless Mark wants to say sorry for speaking so rudely to me in a way that I would find satisfactory?! Mark? Hmmm?
blackmail fetish


For fun, heres the email Mark rudely set to me… as if *Im* to blame for his stupid choices… I ruined your life? No loser, YOU ruined your life.. I merely profited from you doing so!   …Thank$ ;*


… no no, Fuck youuu!

NiteFlirt Tributes

$999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25


18 yr old Mindy & My blackmail biz ideas

Hey slaves!

I was going to make a little tweet about my very first blackmail business ideas I had when I was around 18 years old… But the story is way too long for a tweet so I decided to make a super short but hot post about it!

I was about 18 years old and while most of my other friends were making their way to work towards their careers, I already knew that I wasnt going to be able to mesh in the conventional world. Though I LOVED marketing and have wanted to be in the marketing and advertising world since I was maybe 8 years old… the reality of schedules, having “higher ups” and conformity wasnt something I wanted… I knew I didnt want too conventional of a life… the idea of living the way most people do just simply made me beyond bored.

I liked fast pace, easy money, the hustle and lure of the night time… I loved the power I had over men… older ones, married ones, younger ones my age and all the ways they made life easy. I started to brainstorm with a friend who was very much like Me… “How can we make married men hit on us, get evidence and blackmail them for large sums of money?” We would laugh and laugh because we KNEW we could do it and you idiots would be lining up to be around minxy hot girls but we just couldnt bridge the gap with the safety aspect… so it was nothing more than an idea we would often chat about, laugh about & fantasize about.

Fast forward a couple of years and I became a blackmail pioneer online! I should have royalties from all these girls doing it today – heres a blog post from 2006 when I was doing blackmail and Im pretty sure I started in 05 but had a different free crappy blog I lost my posts on

Its amazing what you can make happen or manifest in your own life… The idea of having this non negotiable power over men where they are FORCED to financially give in to you IS and always was sooo enticing to me and I never thought it could happen but… in the end, I made it happen!

Image11I have A LOT of deviant slave and blackmail applications… check them out!

25 sexy reasons 4 blackmail
A Blackmail Contract *updated*
Blackmail 4 Married Men *Updated!*
Blackmail Diddle Form
Blackmail Etiquette 101
Blackmail Hypnosis clip
Blackmail Justification & Manipulation
Blackmail Motivational Tease
Blackmail Situations
Blackmailed By Tanned Legs
Consensual Espionage Application
Content Buyer Blackmail
Explosive Blackmail Stroking
Financial Astringent Level 1
Gay Homo Outting Application
Gay Outing Roulette Game
Home-wrecking Roulette Game
Homewrecking Application Form
Identity Theft & Assassination
invasion & exploitation Form
Is Blackmail Right For you?
LEGAL Blackmail Contract
NYE Blackmail Event
Press Send 4 The Blackmail orgasm
Russian Roulette Blackmail
Russian Roulette Blackmail V 2.0
Russian Roulette Humiliation
Skimming Off The Top 4 Princess
Slave Information harvesting
slow drawn out blackmail
The Blackmail Test
The FML letter of destruction &
White Collar Blackmail

Around $15k in tributes & transaction NOT including gifts! Findom Updates Blog Post

20141101-121037.jpgHi slaves! Its the morning after Halloween and Im in bed with my cat and dog catching up on my reality TV shows. Yesterday I managed to finally get all the pics for this blog post uploaded from my iPhone so I figured before I get my day going, Id get this blog post out of the way lol

Halloween btw was really fun… I got dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and wore expensive knee high leather/sued blend black boots with the costume! It was so hot… I had braided pig tails and kept the hood up all night… I got drooled at lots! I also had my 4 pound Pomeranian with me… he was in a super cute hoodie from American Apparel which everyone made a fuss over – Im actually considering making him his own fan site because he always gets a HUGE reaction when he’s out!!! He’s not like most Poms you see… he’s much smaller than any other Pomeranian you see. He’s no stranger to having fans and being worshiped either… He’s received Nordstrom GCs for $500, had tributes and even recently got an amazon gift certificate! haha

Big Mindy News: I finally found my boob job surgeon!!!! If you follow me on twitter then you would know Im more serious than ever about getting my boobs done… Iv been talking about it for years and now I think Im 100% ready! More on that later…


heres a sexy $4000. tribute towards my boob job from my horny markie #hot Side Note; It took me a month to send him my bank wire details… thats a lot of trust to put in a slave and highly bratty of me to take so long lol

The rest of you should be contributing to my boob job as well… Im getting implants and a lift… The implants are just over $9k which means yo pervs have another 5k to pay so Make It Happen! ( * ) y ( * )


… and now some photos

Starting with some recent NF pics… I have my NF earnings set to pay me out daily, so below are some pics Iv taken of daily totals or tributes

… what can a Princess say, $700 days are normal when you’re pretty with big boobs! (soon to be a little bit bigger!)


What you’re seeing below is My cut of a $400 tribute and two $200 tributes


to save space Im going to try and put some pics side by side… I can’t remember who they’re from and what deviant fun we were up to when they were sent to me but you can just drool away at how much bratty fun I must be having!


mmm a $543 MY CUT transaction, $400 and two $200 transactions The photo beside includes random purchases plus a $325, $210  and a few other $100ish transaction!!! (nf takes 30% ) The last photo is a $1k day! #findom


Tribute with NF $200 | $100 | $50 | $25


Tribute on iwantclips $400 | $50 | $25 | $100

Some more recent NF earnings pics which includes $200, $300, 100$ tributes, other $100 and under payments… and even $300 and $500 transactions!! TWO $600 in a row tributes which is $420 my cut


<3 My newest Amazon wish list jackets <3

a $250 Rebecca Minkoff trench, $350 Rebecca Minkoff jacket and $250 North Face winter jacket

20141031-161949.jpg 20141031-153847.jpg 20141031-153837.jpg

More tributes : another $700 day plus $500 in tributes on iwantclips


as you may know, I love to collect pure gold coins… heres about $450 worth of pure gold which I could sell at any time and get that in cash! I didn’t even know any of this was being purchased for me! two of those $179 coins plus 3 surprise grams which should up in my PO box!!!

20141030-110142.jpg 20141031-100457.jpg 20141031-153819.jpg

Awesome Amazon Prezzies: a biz grade webcam, jeans, cool sweater & a $230 Rebecca Minkoff sweater, 2 pairs of trendy jeans, cheap clip dress, cool sweater with see-through arms and a Torry Burch cardigan

20141031-100832.jpg20141030-111335.jpg 20141030-111228.jpg

I love this super cute and super comfy $320 cashmere Jules B kitty sweater!!! Of course it was a gift purchased for me off my wishlist… beside are more tributes including a $300 and $400, $350 amazon GCs and almost $350 in transactions… another spectacular Princess day!

20141030-110643.jpg 20141030-111405.jpg

More tributes.. two $200 iwantclips and one $300 c4s tributes. The last is $750 in tributes in less than an hour on iwantclips from my fav fun weak slave!

20141030-110022.jpg 20141030-105955.jpg 20141030-105944.jpg20141030-110228.jpg


These are pics I had saved from last month that I though was pretty cool… I dont consider myself a “clip Domme” but obviously I do lots of clips… anyway, I dont usually check stats for clips as its not one of my top places I put my energy, BUT for what ever reason i went to check my stats for a couple of clips and I was so tickled when I seen I had 3 clips in the top clips area with my studio being the 2nd top studio in the blackmail category!

Its funny because I actually think I dont convey myself that well in clips as where on the phone or text or face to face I feel like I can express myself and convey as I want in a way more pleasing… but it seems like “Me” in blackmail and homewrecking is kind of the one area that I really just let the evil in me shine through… unfiltered and I really enjoy letting that little devil out! Its obviously loved and received well by you little devotees! Maybe I should take that same attitude with the other clips I do?! Look at that sexy $300 clip order!!!

20141030-195537.jpg 20141030-195525.jpg 20141030-195515.jpg 20141030-114852.jpg 20141031-100437.jpg

It seems like you guys still mostly prefer to use c4s over iwantclips… well, fyi, I get more of the money with iwantclips and since you guys love to get me as close to 100% of your spending as possible… I think you guys should consider giving iwantclips a try! Its fast easy and I keep a lot more of your dough!

for those of you who dont like to try new places, thats fine… My clips will always be on c4s too!

and finally random amazon stuff! (there are other amazon wishlist gifts I havent added in the blog post… just had to add that lol #spoiled! This is more than eough work… bragging and Princess life can sometimes feel like work but I have def added enough pics to show you little wankers that I am a very spoiled Prince$$!)

My fav from below… The $200 and some Kate Spade necklace, $835 Sergio Rossi boots and all the cosebella panties

20141031-100509.jpg 20141031-161956.jpg 20141031-153828.jpg 20141031-100523.jpg 20141030-195553.jpg 20141031-100447.jpg 20141030-111355.jpg  20141030-110132.jpg 20141030-110629.jpg 20141030-110114.jpg 20141030-110057.jpg

Serve Me NOW!

Lick My Havaianas Flip Flops Clean

get on your knees loser because its time to lick my havaiana flip flops clean… you better do a good job to or Ill Crush you with my flip flops… like a bug!
Laughing while I dangle my flip flops from my toes while instructing you to lick them clean and not to miss a single spot!
adore my perfect pretty feet and my sparkly spice coloured fresh mani/pedi which makes your job even more exciting… lucky loser!
look how cute I look… if you have a thing for girls in tight tank tops with big tits and cleavage and cute ROOTS sweats, then this clip is perfect for you too!)

4 mins / $6.99  / clips4sale /

Ted Baker Peplum Sweater

Earlier today I went to a wine tasting thingy with a handful of GFs… As you can see, Princess looked so amazing too! Markiepoo bought me this sexy Ted Baker peplum sweater off my wishlist and sent it express to me… it came yesterday and I loved it so much I wore it today!



Im going out in a few hours for a few drinks and Im already a little less than sober so Im taking a taxi or getting a sedan for the way there… $30 each way ($78 for the sedan) pay me back and send $$$ for drinks and food too!

$200 | $100 | $50 | $25 \ $400 | $50 | $25 | $100

… thats all, a quick blog post to show off in my sexy sweater and give you something to pay for ;)

Mindys Brunch & Shopping Sunday

Hi slaves! Just for fun and to allow you a peek into some of my weekend… Plus, it’s your job to pay me back so, enjoy what you’ve bought me, I wanted to share some pics from my weekend ;)

20140922-082759 (1)

Here I am around 11am-ish on Sunday at one of my fav spots to have brunch. If you follow me on twitter almost every weekend you can see my tweets of me going out for brunch and always eating the same thing! #CreatureOfHabbit

Here it is, A vegetarian eggs benedict with avocado, spinach and tomato on a gluten free bun. I ask for the eggs very hard so I can pull the yellow parts out and make it an egg white benny and extra hollandaise… exactly like that every time and I love it! Its not on the menu but my 2 fav places make it like that for me… MMM and look at that mimosa! The bill for my gf and I was just under $40 and I paid, which means I want to be paid back by one of you!


SHOPPING!!! Usually after we eat, we shop! Theres lots of stylish shops nearby… Below are photos of the stuff Iv bought & the price tags. Feel free to adopt a price tag or just pay me back for everything!

A Paige jean jacket $285, Parker blouse $270, 3 Wilt tops$105, $120 & $150  (& a pair of Wilt sweat pants not in the pic $175), and a White and Warren sweater $340


NiteFlirt Tributes $999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

… Below is Me getting busy at the Nordstrom opening on Friday… Ahh and dont I look so hot too?!?!

20140922-082759 (1)

Tight True Religion jeans, a Torry Burch cardigan which I love to leave the 1st button undone and pull my tank top down low and jack my cleavage up… basically my tits jiggle and steal all the attention :)

Heres the stash… A really cute Oui sweater, a small Marc Jacobs back page, VS top, a cool stylish ball cap, a top and I dont remember the last thing lol #spoiled


 Here a hot picture of my legs and heels on the escalator… when I posted this one on twitter a couple of losers said they were jealous of the escalator lol


Geez, look how smoking hot I am, slaves!!! Tight jeans that show off my curves & hot ass, amazing hot heels and keeping it trendy and kinda classy with my designer top and cardigan0n… Super tease-y with my big boobs bouncing all over and totally in your face… I bet your wife, gf, last gf, etc never dressed like this to go shopping… she probably couldnt even look this good if she tried her hardest – Then theres Me… I ooze sex appeal, Im a magnet… men love me… Im taller and look hot! Anyway, I think those are all great reasons to worship Me and pay for all my stuff and my fun too!

IWantClips Tributes $400 | $50 | $25 | $100

20140921-175259.jpgI wasnt done shopping on Sunday  lol I had to make a stop at La Senza so I could get some new clip goodies… so this too should be your bill to take care of too… The total was about $105 but Ill accept $100 so use the links below and pay for my sexy panties, bra sand lingerie, slaves!

nf - $100 | $50 | $25 / iwc - $50 | $25 | $100

Those sexy girlie colours look sooo amazing on my hot skin, <3 just wait till you see me in them, theyre probably going to make you even more addicted to me!

~ Happy Monday, My worker bees!