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Kiss My Sexy Ted Baker Heels

get on your knees right now and be a good servant for Princess & kiss my expensive Ted Baker heels!

 where ever you are. work, home, etc… Kiss my heels and lay $25 down at my feet as a thanks for letting you kiss my sexy heels ;)

~ Princess Mindy

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 $999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

 $999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

Owned by My black spandex

Here I am again in another hot outfit which makes your pathetic little old man dick drool.

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Perfect Princess curves that take control of your whole addicted life.

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Ahh my beautiful middle finger showing you where to go… since you’re too stupid to know without me telling you ;)

Image158My ass, your nose, you wish!

Intox Pervert slave assignment

intox pervert

Today you will be watching 5 hours of porn. Im sure you just love that idea, dont you perv?! In addition to watching 5 hours of porn and jerking off, you will also be getting wasted for Princess and becoming my entertaining drunk jack off loser ;) Have fun!

Have hard liquor, beer and mix ready!

There are only 2 rules. 1. you must finish this assignment in full as described from start to finish with no interruptions and 2. if you cum doing this, you must keep going!

5 hours of booze and jack off instructions are inside… get ready to be a mega drunk pervert!


talking to my slaves mom on the phone

Hello slaves! Heres something new Iv never done before and was pretty surprised that it even happened After MANY years in the biz, new things continue to happen!

Yep, I actually talked to a slaves mom on the phone as he was paying $4.99 per min to speak with me haha. Though it was a pretty harmless exchange of pleasantries with her, it was still a rush and it made my slaves heart pound and nearly right out of his chest… and I know because when he got back on the phone he was breathing SOOO heavy haha

Actually, I didnt think he was going to put her on the phone with me because I had asked to speak to her twice and which he sounded adamant that he wasnt going to let me talk to her. Of course I was scheming how to get him to say yes and exactly what I would do or say if he said yes. Just for fun and to keep the thrill going but not thinking he was going to budge, I said something like “come on, Ill be nice this time, I promise. Let me just say hello”

A bit of back info… every time he calls he talks about how he wants his mom to kiss my feet and how I should dominate her haha so I think he was scared I was going to come out of the gate on that note. Of course it would be fun for me to cause a little shit but being Im a smart girl, I knew it was advantageous for me in many ways to be polite with her – This time! :)

So, he agreed he said “okay hang on” lolol omfg I couldnt believe it!! Then I could hear him saying to her “mom, my friend wants to say hi”.

My mind was racing a tad bit, is he going to pretend to be his mom and try and fake a womans voice? isss this really her I hear in the background? and then I heard an older lady voice with an accent saying “hello”. I decided to do as I promised and say hello knowing this experience was causing my slave enough stress, thrills and it was entertaining to me as is.

I said hello and asked how she was doing. She said hello and asked how I was which I told her Im very well and thanked her, and that was it.

When my slave came back on the phone, it sounded like he just ran a marathon hahaha. He could barely speak, he was out of breath just from the rush and fear of him being stupid enough to put his mother on the phone with me. I found this soooo funny!

I then had him send me $200 to thank me for the pleasure. Funny, the next day he called back while his mom was sleeping down the hall from the kicthen where he was. I had him pull down his pants and jerk off into his mouth while he was in the kicthen and risked him getting exposed and caught haha what a loser!

Needless to say, now Ive got an itch to have a little chit chat with someones mom and, I know most of the subs reading this are going to be disappointed that this phone call wasnt more evil. But, I say this;

If you want to hear about an evil phone call with someones mom, let it be your mom I talk to.

Visit my contact me and tribute page to make that happen. After you tribute min $100 we can discuss a practical and real way to make this happen. If you’d like it to be evil, you know Im a little devil and would be happy to fuck up your day ;) /


Happy fathers day my ass you bunch of perverts :)

you want some kind of validation or round of applause this fathers day? hahaha pfff nope, you can smell my ass and be happy I let you keep any of your money so you can feed those rug rats!


A Snippet Of “A Divorce Letter To Your Wife”

Hi attached slaves… The time to get that divorce we’ve been discussing his here. Don’t worry, I know you’re too wimpy to do the dirty work so I’m doing it for you.

Iv wrote a letter to your wife and I want you to leave this for her to find. Now, Im only leaving a snippet here for you to read and you will have to buy the letter to get the whole thing. Yes, I know… Im so greedy I make you pay for even your own demise and divorce lol. Trust Me, this letter is so hot and extremely cruel… Im such a talented wordsmith and clearly using my gifts in life to do the devils work. But, Im pretty so, oh well :)

enjoy and buy the full version here or get it in my members area! $12.00


The Divorce Letter To Your Wife (a free snippet)

“Hello, soon to be ex wife.

My name is Mindy and though you dont know me, I know a lot about you. Truth is, this is an email to you that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to send as your husband was going to say all of this to you and handle it for me. But, from what I understand you can be very difficult to deal with and quite irrational. Gee, lets hope your not menopausal today because this email just might make the last part of your ovaries dry up in an instant.

Ill try to be kind.

First let me tell you a little bit about the kind of young Woman I am and who I am to you, your husband and your family.

Im a young woman in her peak. My breasts are full, round and they bounce all over the place… men, including your husband cant resist them. They either want to touch and suck them, worship them or they’re trying to get these huge future milk machines to walk down the isle with them. Because Im a biracial girl, I have a yearly tanned body with the sexiest perfectly coloured small nipples. My ass is irresistible as its the perfect mix of both worlds… not too big and not too small and a shape thats right in between the two ethnicities.

Admittedly even thought I knew your husband was not single, I did tease him a little in my provocative and expensive stylish clothes… you understand why I did that though, right? I must have been ovulating and I cant help the things I do when my body is making my young fertile pussy wet. It makes me be a bad girl and prey on weak husbands for fun and bratty thrills. Sure, you’re nearly dried up and have never been half as physically appealing as I am, but you can understand, cant you?!

So, naturally your husband couldn’t resist and began to peruse me in a very respectful and submissive way. I know, this part might sting for you as I know he doesn’t put any effort in when it comes to you. (I dont understand this, dont you have any self respect? you think you might go get a real new life with someone who doesn’t act like your invisible?)”

… buy the letter to read the rest. Its a LONG bratty nasty letter & your cock is going to LOVE it! Your wife, not so much ;)